Thanks to my parents who gave me life and a comprehensive education: humano-cristiana. Thank you for your generosity and detachment, accompaniment, understanding and love. Thanks to my brothers: Magda, so far-missionary in the Japan-.and so near, by means of the new technologies; Thanks to William, few confidences and events shared already know that from the sky today you ads with me; to you Javier, thank you for your closeness to the chita silent, always available; Thanks to Lolita and Manolo, that have been and are an extension of life, love, and care of the Popes in our lives.

A big THANKS to you my sisters: Carmen, Elvira, Ines, Amalia, Amable, Isabel, Arline and Araceli. Thank you by what aportáis to my life, by what I you help to grow as person and as missionary, thanks by your patience with me, by your host and by your sweetheart.

Thank you, thanks to the order, the Congregation and so many sisters, than by his testimony and brotherly love, have been for me a help to continue on my way of delivery service and generosity to those in need.

Thanks to so many people with which I worked, with who have formed real bonds of friendship and closeness.

Thanks to my friends priests and religious who have accompanied me over the years, some still do their prayers and affection.

Thanks to my brothers Salesians, from my more tender childhood have formed part of my family, the school was our second House; to all the community a huge “thank you”.

Today with heart grateful, can tell that celebrate the WEDDINGS OF GOLD, away from feel that it life is escapes, I encouraged to follow walking with peace, without rush, but without pause, with a heart full of thanks and of mercy.

Thank you Mr.  Thank you Maria.  Thanks to the Congregation.  Thank you all.

I feel that it is now when my life has to grow more freely, to its fullness. Now, when every sweet or bitter experience, every big accomplishment or small, will be occupying your true place. Is time of peace, of serenity, of confidence.

Term with the words of San Pablo: “I know of who I have credit”