Today, day, may 2, 2017, we have Thanksgiving to a stage accomplished and finished calmly. End of the XXI chapter Provincial de Santo Domingo, Spain. 

By so many fraternity in Huesca, by an expanded horizons Congregational and missionaries. By making history at this historical place.


It is day of hugs, luggage and reach communities with the message in the heart and the working folders: informing sisters about what determined and lived.

We have shared and party Pan, and who accompanied him in intense birthday celebrations, which were 96… and Golden Jubilee may 1.


And, after much dialogue and discernment, a Provincial Plan that goes to print and to communities and to give life in the midst of the reality of today… ours, the world and the Church.

Maria accompanying our present and future roads. May, so flowery around us, encourages our request: come walk with us!!

Background we have had the strength and example of our elder sisters and the happy voices of children and teachers in the schoolyard “Santa Rosa” how much life!

Knowing that we, encouraged to follow. From Huesca to Maldonado would where more Lord?

We have felt supported, accompanied, integrated in our history that enlarge us the heart and mind. Thank you all sisters.  Pooling our “grains of sand” we have built… together.
Madrid, 03 may 2017
Provincial of the province of Santo Domingo – Spain team