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Please: Mother Ascensión Nicol Goñi
A: Naomi Vergara Quintana
By: cure of a stroke
In: Ica, Peru
Dear mothers missionary Dominicas del Rosario

I bear witness of a great favor, that has given me the blessed Ascensión Nicol Goñi.

On August 2 I had a stroke left and as consequence of it is paralysed the side right side of my body, getting dependent, my situation was extremely delicate because it aggravated my advanced age (68) and suffer chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma.

My son Valery, invoked the blessed Ascensión Nicol, begging back me health, was interned in hospital insurance of ICA and then given high on August 12, but with half-paralyzed body.

August 13, I was taken to the city of Lima to my physical therapy and medical check-ups. Against all odds after making me medical evaluations with auxiliary tests including a Tomography August 15 indicating that stroke remained, I began to improve significantly until day 29 of September these auxiliary tests including a scan indicated that the stroke was fully resolved, finding me healed in record time, and can perform personal activities.

I thank God and Beata climb by what I consider a miracle, I would like to be published so be promptly canonized.

Noemi Vergara Quintana
ICA – Peru.

October 2, 2016