Missionary solidarity and exciting campaigns in Huesca

Flip flops 6

During several days of the month of June, we visited the communities of the province to share with the sisters the lived and programmed in the General Chapter.

We express our gratitude for their welcome, interest and desire to see the Congregational reality and desire to collaborate in whatever possible to keep the Congregation their way for the future “IN NEW WINESKINS” protected by the offering, interest, prayer and collaboration of all.

In Huesca-OUR PLACE SYMBOLIC CONGREGATIONAL-have enjoyed participating in some activities that had scheduled them teachers and parents of family leaving the course. A big surprise has been to see the enthusiasm with which activities been carried out solidarity-mission of support to East Timor.  East Timor is something his…

Flip flops 3  Sandals 2

And have them: A military who had been assigned to UN programmes – met and helped the sisters once. Now Mr. Alfredo Marco, a natural engineer of Gurrea de Gallego (Huesca), who works there recently visited them and spoke to them of the work of our sisters with the neediest children, the educational and human promotion work and how and carry it out, mission worthy of all praise. Likewise praised it use that make of it helps economic that all them years receive of the Colegio Santa pink of Huesca, investing it in media that them do be authors of their own progress.

She shared her experiences with the PP. Family and pupils, with the Sisters of the community and offered to support and bring aid. Wondering what to do? How to act? Suggested that they send “flip-flops”… and there you have all launched by a beautiful campaign that involved all: “OPERATION flip FLOPS FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE TIMOR”… They have footwear some feet… and thence send videos getting colorful flip-flops that sent them his friends, the members of the College “Santa Rosa” of Huesca.

 Sandals 5 They carried years doing support and through this form to all missionary of our being Christians. Is a joy see to parents of family, faculty, students big and small involved in this. And there is a big box which continues to collect more flip-flops donated, purchased with your saving tip Sunday.  Flip flops 1

They have made markets… the solidarity sandwich and various activities. The main thing displayed enthusiasm. They are encouraged to continue and make new campaigns…

Of time us have delivered it raised and it will send with great pleasure. They have cheered us and rejuvenate our live. We have really enjoyed sharing with them and seeing the faces of small children by delivering “the collection of revenues” and teachers by encouraging these feats missionaries, simple, creative, implications…


Thank you all / as for being generous and not to forget those who need “fit feet” and feel that they are not alone in the world and to those who have much have us generous solidarity.

The offering of the Eucharist of farewell to the school year 2015 – 2016 were also flip flops… Things have more value as well. Good holiday break for them…

Sisters of the Provincia Santo Domingo