From the Philippines to the Peruvian jungle

Fray Ramón Zubieta and Les, O.P. (born in Navarre, Spain, in 1864) had matured his missionary vocation in the Philippines between 1888 and 1899. The independence revolution of that country meant for him, as for his fellow Spanish missionaries, present among the tribes of the Igorrotes, persecution, prison, many vexations. Some died in jail. Those who reached release should have spent time in Manila to replenish their broken health before returning to their mission … read more…

A fascinating experience

After my first vows, my first mission was with the pygmies
an election that surprised many of our sisters, ho
wever, I began with all the dynamism of my youth and went to meet our two brave elder sisters ANA MARIA ACEDO and PILAR Barrero.
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San Jose Province to San Jose parish

"La confiance et l'amour sont capas d'accroitre les possibilités de notre chance vers La réalisation de nous-mêmes". (copied this phrase of a magazine in Madrid, translated it into Google and I became ow read more…

The Catolic action movement of the World of the Child Police has the holy Parish Achille Kiwanuka of Mendong/Cameroon

The Catholic Action of Childhood cop Monde was created in the years 1928 in France by the priests, Gaston Courtois and Jean Pihan. It arrived in Cameroon in 1946 under the direction of Monsignor Jean Zoa under the name CV/AV (Courageous Hearts brave souls. It was in 1963 that it was recognized by the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon in 1978. Its purpose is the integral realization of the child in all its living environments (family, school, Church, etc.). It allows the child to evangelize through the good individual and collective actions. read more…

25 years of the Institute of Theology and pastoral religious

The Lord speaks to Moses on Mount Sinai: "… You'll do this fiftieth year, a Holy year, and whomever the release for all the inhabitants of the Earth. It will be for you a Holy year… "The academic year 2016-2017, our Institute celebrated 25 years of service to the Church for growth, deepening and the rooting of the religious life in Africa. To this end, organized a series of activities: conferences, various committees (liturgy, beauty, entertainment and hos read more…