Founder please March

Please: Fray Ramón Zubieta
A: Jose Palacio
By: aid in a traffic accident
In: Huesca, Spain

First of all, I would like to introduce myself:

I am Aurora Palace Alfaro and took almost 6 years as a caregiver on sisters missionary Dominican of the community Santa Rosa Zaragoza evenings, although I am from a town in Huesca.

March 12, 2017 was in Huesca waiting for the arrival of my brother Jose Palacio, his spouse, and a cousin, who came from the village in one all-terrain car.

Agreed time passed and they failed or they answered phone mobile, or the home, so I started to worry.

Finally came the sad news: had an accident after crossing the bridge over the River, in a curve: a prick of a wheel made them turn and stop at a ditch where they were with the wheels to air or leave without calling for help. If there are coincidences or we believe that God acts… Passed on a motorcycle two boys returning from Huesca to the village after the festive Saturday night, they saw the car and they recognized him; they helped and asked for help from family members who arrived immediately.

Clear, from there to the Hospital: apparently short scratches, bruises at all, nothing serious. My brother operated in Barcelona with weak health, permanent prosthesis. Known by physicians, it was serene, but they had to check your well. The doctor asks if you can know who helped him in similar accident to stay as well as it looks. And my brother without hesitation answers you: who did I help? A friend gave me my sister and that always goes with me, with him I speak every day and ask for help.

The doctor looks at me and says: something wrong in his head. But it is not inmuta check Pocket hand out wallet and a stamp of Monsignor Ramón Zubieta and tells us: this is the friend who gave me and is always with me.

The doctor replies: well tell her sister that I also want to have that friend.

Certainly at home before that day we heard him speak and it seemed that he spoke only, but it has another picture in the room which asks for help every day telling him things, for example: I am now going to the field because you know, you have to help me.

I communicate it as a favor that my family blamed the servant of Dios Monseñor Ramón Zubieta. We almost believe that they returned to birth all, car was crushed, and if it takes place a few meters further back and go to the River, they are not saved.

Aurora Palace Alfaro