Mother Earth

If mother earth speaks
sure that would tell us!
Why they want to destroy me
do if you only give life?

I give, trees and flowers
River mountains and oceans
groves and flowers
the Plains and lakes.

Let the sun warm you
and one starry sky
the Moon lights up the night
dream paradise.

Different animals
I've left that they grow
and thousand plumage birds
so everyone ate.

The sea was filled with fish
in a thousand different ways
I even put the mermaids
to sing to the people.

These people of the sea
I once respected it
now esquilma only
and he leaves with nothing.

And my Earth almost sterile!
few are planting it
Nobody wants it to take care of
they are just sweeping it.

You have burned forests
inhabited by Elves
it you are destroying everything
There is no living creature!

What you want to do
with the blue heaven?
already of blue has nothing
It is running out of light!

What a shame because God me made
a divine paradise!
so that you respetarais it
and you inherit your children.

But while you are taking
It will not be a stone
You can teach
coming people.

And the man is mine
my poor beautiful land
because the man has not known
to ensure that it does not happen.