1. Our Presence with the Chinese Community at Immaculate Conception Church.

  • Regularly our Chinese sister coordinates with the charity and elderly group:

* visiting the sick and the aged in the hospital and at home
* Distribution of goods and financial support to the indigent families.
* The have group project like: religious items, sewing scarf and other things that can be used for winter season, which they distribute it to the parishioner.

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2.     With the Filipino  Community (Overseas Filipino Workers).

  • Conduct weekly Bible sharing in Yongkang Dormitory and Immaculate Conception Parish, which is an occasion for them to deepen their relationship with God and with one another; to seek healing and guidance for their   problems and difficulties that they encounter in their works, relationships and in their families.

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  • On-going Formation, which will help them to know God in their life.
  • Retreats and Recollection that offers them a spiritual renewal that deepen their knowledge and to encounter God in their life journey, also an opportunity for them to have more time to pray and reflect.

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  • Counseling:

* To listen to their stories of joys, pains and struggles
* To help them to accept the reality of their life
* To unburden their load and ease the pains they encounter.


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