Lisbon Diocesan Synod.

31231207712 0004216080 bFeel that is a duty share some of the main experiences of the Synod Diocesan in which have participated and that took place in Turcifal, Torres Vedras, of the 30 of November to the 4 of December of this year.
There were 137 participants, all summoned by the cardinal Patriarch. Some were by law, own according to the provisions of the law Canon. Others many, in particular the religious and secular, were invited personally by the Mr. Cardinal. Were some 24 women in total, of which 4 or 5 religious.
In addition to the cardinal Patriarch, were the three bishops auxiliary of Lisbon, the Bishop of the forces armed and the representative in Portugal of the Prelature of the Opus Dei.

31280351611 b38b33590c b Motivation and reflection of base was the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangellii Gaudium” of the Francis Pope. The study of this document in preparation for the Synod began in September of 2014 and worked so many thousands of Christians individually and above all gathered in groups, families, communities, etc.

The theme chosen to guide the entire route was: “The dream missionary reach everyone”, taken from his own exhortation.

The expected realization date was marked coinciding with the celebrations of 300 years of the title of “patriarchy” granted to the Diocese of Lisbon, in recognition of their experience and missionary dimension therefore, the main objective of all these celebrations is revitalizing and strengthening the spirit throughout the diocese missionary.

The last Synod Diocesan that it had held in Lisbon was in the year 1640.

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The Synod itself:

I found very interesting and significant that the first official act of the Synod, was precisely the profession of faith, proclaim the major principles of the creed, a document had been signed by every one of us together and then placed in the altar.

Following in this line, also was very good that is provided within the program time enough for the prayer, both personal as a community. We had very good liturgies with edges very care and all very well planned and prepared. In this sense, is noticed, had a great support and support of prayer of many Christians of the diocese. The many messages received it confirmed.
The atmosphere of welcome, simplicity and closeness, lived together, was very good.

I breathed in the general environment and the working document well, expresses it a deep and sincere desire to listen to God and the challenges of humanity (specifically in the area of the diocese) to find “outlets”, or responses and different forms of emergency today.

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With regard to the work in itself:

A good part of the day and time on the morning of Sunday, were devoted to work the base document studying in groups with the aim of improving it and then a plenary with shares free although requested, with proposals for the future and for the implementation of the general lines of the document. There were very good communications.

The group works, which were very intense, emerged a third working document which was studied and voted in person, point by point, and may also present some alternatives.

From this latter document Cardinal Patriarch will finally develop the “Constitution Synodal” which will be presented to the next diocese day 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception, in the Eucharist which will be held at the Jerónimos, which enclosed the synodal works.

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I was with the expectation of that out of the Assembly Synodal guidelines more specific to the action pastoral future. I understand, however, that no is easy nor feasible. So the idea now is send the Constitution for, in each context, in each group, is put in practice the answers and actions concrete.

So this not fall in the oblivion, was strongly suggested the need of establish measures of evaluation and accompaniment that of continuity to the road Synodal undertaken.

In summary, and as a final note, I leave evidence of the feeling that I have lived a great ecclesial experience.

Now I have a great responsibility which is to share and try to find the way, along with others, that all this will become life.

Deolinda Rodrigues
Missionary Dominica of the Rosary