It is not often that   living in a community is an inter-generational wealth as rich as in yours, that is why  we want to listen to the experience that you are living this year.

We wish to welcome the fraternal sharing of both the younger and  the older to know  what enriches and nurtures each other.

How is your community?

It is true that there is a community ideal, but in our case, we have many positive circumstances that can help us to walk in the direction of this goal.

We are seven sisters and belong to three generations: One of the 25 to 33 years; another of the 45 to 48; and of the 72 to 89 years.


How to sisters , what is it that i nurtured in coexistence with the older sisters?
To tell the truth, I never thought about  this, but the question has made us reflect on the wealth that we are one for the other, on the stage and age in which we find ourselves.

However this reflection has made us discover the source we could find and we drink from the older sisters.
They make us feel that we are family and a family that is not only in Mozambique, but throughout the world. In reality are those that feed our sense of belonging.

His tireless devotion to the service of others , regardless of their age, feeds us because it does not skimp on nothing and continue to make life a donation and without reservation.

We stimulate and encourage them to move forward and to give our if daily in a coherent way, how they live the perseverance and determination in the choice made, fidelity to the votes, the seriousness of the commitment, the joy to dedicate himself to Jesus and transparency . We see that our sisters celebrate 25 or 50 years of consecrated life, this is for us a great testimony.

Also the taste for prayer that they have. The study and the work many times make us fall into activism and our older sisters are for us a clock, when we forget what is essential.

He did not remain indifferent to those of us who are knocking at the door. We appreciate the patience and listen with our sisters serve the poorest people who come to our house.

The assume natural weaknesses, typical of the age and the pain, without flaunting, could complain but do not cope without “murmur”.

We greatly enriched the qualities of know economize and enhance what we have, as a form of solidarity with those who lack what is necessary for life.

As well as the responsibility, creativity, optimism, availability, help us to live our commitment with greater enthusiasm and dynamism.


And you sisters of the generation of the “half- day”, which enriches you, trying to the younger and  the older people?
Our younger sisters receive their enthusiasm and joy that is contagious, his young spirit, determination, persistence and courage. Capacity to confront the world with all its challenges.

Of the older sisters we are enriched by the witness of life, the  inner strength, the will to be still with the age they have. Many times they are reason for our reflection, about how we must prepare our morning to live and age with sense.
We also serve as a reference and pillar. How many times we think, we sense and experience that when missing the older sisters, we will be poorer than ever.

We value their lives as a phase of integration of all as soon as they were living, moments of synthesis. We also appreciate the serenity that transmit to us, as a result of the consolidation of the journey .
And you older sisters, they tell us, what they receive from the  younger sisters  and the sisters of the “half- day”?

We receive a lot of them all:
The joy of life, the animation and good humor, which makes us forget the fragility  of our age. We transmit your youthful spirit that helps to overcome the normal deterioration of our health.

The young people are a great hope for the future of our religious family: “We have a future!”. Help us to feel the dynamism of life, its force, the courage to see grow to each and feel that together we build a common project.

We receive the witness of their lives and the desire to give themselves to the poorest, with all enthusiasm and dedication, overcoming the difficulties and not challenging the sacrifices.

We appreciate and thank you for your love and care they have with us in the small details of each day, respect and collaboration with our weaknesses because over the years the forces are going missing and  we cannot do many things that before we did.
We receive your creativity that manifest themselves in prayer and in the way of seeing life. We can say that we are infected by his cheerfulness.
Allow us to live the “giving and receiving” from one generation to another, which enriches us always. Also to accept their own weaknesses with an open mind and compassionate.

Help us desinstalarnos and seek to change anything in us. To go despojandonos of what without realizing it we will charge with the passing of the years and does not help us to walk in this moment of our life.

Many thanks for your share, I hope that this wealth that  nurtures your walk in the project to build fraternity to become true “house of preaching”.

Community “Saint Thomas”