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Dear Sisters and friends,

Thank you…

The situation is getting better and the people of Zamboanga are trying our best to catch up with work, school, business and every possible way to call it “normal life again”.

 Schools have started but still students, pupils and some teachers are apprehensive to go since the security situation is not guaranteed despite the government’s proclamation of stability. Clearing the sites of bombardments and continuous heavy check on vehicles and passers-by are maintained. There are still some cases of killings and burning of homes in some places and an isolated case of hostage when 2 MNLF wounded members run away from the city and entered a house asking for medicines but instead of buying medicines at the pharmacy went to the police. Hence, the family members were taken hostage but were released later as police took the rebels to the headquarters for investigation.

The evacuees are still in he centers particularly those whose homes were burned down during the unrest. Their children are attending school with in the evacuation center. We still strive to give them comfort and food when we have something to give.

Today: October the 1st we wish for an end to this pain and exhaustive tensions going on. We pray for the intercession of St. Therese to help remedy the situation in this southern part of the Philippines.

In behalf of all Zamboanguenos, we would like to thank each of you for standing by us in prayers during those moments when hope was all we had, when fear and tyranny surrounded us. We had nowhere to call a safe place to be but God was a surety then. Indeed, God is good and will never part and that good will always triumph over evil.

To each of you and your communities…Thank you so much and the Lord reward you in the way best.

Your sisters in San Luis Beltran Zamboanga

Zamboanga, October 8.

“And after three weeks of conflict, now the floods caused by heavy rains hamper the work of recovery in Zamboanga. Many “barangay” (neighborhoods) are affected. They have suspended classes and we have no work because we cannot leave the House because of the floods.” (St. Pius community- Zamboanga)

EFE.- Little by little, Zamboanga tries to return to normal life but the constant rains that are recorded from last Friday have inundated low-lying areas, and are causing more evacuations in at least 10 districts, that is the Mayor of the city, Beng Climaco, has told to local newspapers. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, some 3,000 residents of Zamboanga have been affected by the floods.