Every life on earth is classic dream. It is simply overwhelming to cherish the dream of totally years ago, when we, Srs. Tejal, Wilma, Jenvila and Sabina made our first profession and set out on this journey.


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The day of 4th October 2015 was the most significant day of our lives, as we pronounced our Final Vows at Our Lady of the Sea Church Uttan, Mumbai. We are grateful to God who has accompanied us, supported and guided us on this journey.


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The theme of our profession, “Consecrated to proclaim the Joy of the Gospel” is an inspiration from the exhortation of Pope Francis to be the Joyful witnesses of the Gospel in our lives. Bishop John Rodrigues, the Auxiliary Bishop of Mumbai, added to this inspiration when he invited us during his homily to experience the Joy of the Lord within oneself in order to share it with others.


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We are grateful to our parents and family members who are the charming gardeners, who tended, pruned, molded, touched and made us blossom. The artistic touch of the potter moulds a lump of clay into a beautiful pot. We realize that it is the touch of God through our respected Mother General Sr. Dominga Garro, our Provincial Sr. Silvia Aranha and her team, our formators and all our sisters. For their leadership and hard work has encouraged us to believe that this day could become a reality.


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We can only echo deep sigh, of gratefulness and love for our call to be the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary. Our Eyes are brimmed with joyful tears, lips with unceasing songs of praise, like Mary of Nazareth who rejoiced in being lifted up as the handmaid of God for the wonders he has done in her life. May the Lord who has called and consecrated us to be His own, make us the Joyful witnesses of his Gospel to the World.


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With grateful hearts
Tejal, Wilma, Jenvila & Sabina.