Living in Present

The Lord is in the small details of our lives. He enables us and gives us opportunity to let realize the presence of Christ to them who are still unaware of his love, grace and forgiveness by preparing us to lift the abandoned and needy up as we build the kingdom of the Lord on the earth. read more…

A celebration which brings joy to the unloved

Matru Chhaya, a trust run by Dominican Sisters in Balasinor Taluka of Mahisagar District, in Gujarat State.  Our vision is making the right to equality as well as right to live with human dignity a reality in the villages where we work. read more…


On July 13, 2019 Order of Preachers welcomed our new Master of the Order in the person of Fr. Gerard Francisco P. Timoner III, O.P.  He said, in his first preaching “recognizing the challenges of modern times, Church needs a Francis and Dominic” and that is the new perspective he is giving to us Dominicans to respond to these challenges in the Dominican way which is preaching.  St. Dominic said and which is firmly quoted by Master Gerard.  “It is not what we do, it is who we are.  We are preachers even if we don’t preach verbally but we live preaching in our life that is our identity.”  Which is what we need to revitalize and this will come true when we really live our vocation. read more…

Priceless Treasures

Treasures are a quantity of precious valuable objects that one cherishes and holds dear. There are some with very high prices and significantly, some people are likened to priceless treasures. They are those who inspire and make us grow in life. Actually, we daily meet many people in our lives but there are few whose life gives impact to ours. When that happens, it will forever be cherished very dearly. read more…



Papa Francisco em Maldonado

Peru – meeting with Pope Francisco