We arrived at the end of our 2019 General Assembly, grateful to God for the experience and are challenged to share with all of you what we have experienced here. Beyond the work and the pending tasks we take a broader sense of Congregational belonging, closer ties and bonds between sisters, a greater knowledge of the reality and  the mission of our communities and above all a renewed hope and confidence.

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DAY 12 – 05/31/19

As the last day of our General Assembly of Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary, we closed with the theme of the Review of the Constitutions and Directory. This theme responds to a mandate from the last General Chapter 2016. read more…

DAY 10 – 05/29/19

We continued the reflection with  Fr.Gonzalo who told us that our congregational project, our charism is based on shared emotion or in other words shared passion and not based on the desire for survival. read more…

DAY 9 – 05/28/19

Today once again we took up the reflection on the Leadership and our community life, with Fr. Gonzalo (Claretian Priest). read more…

DAY 7 – 05/26/19

We started the reflexion on the part of Economy  with Rosa Jaso and ArantxaIraizoz who have been working with the General Team  since 2013 in this area as advisors and analysts.  They  helped us to review our resources, to analyze, to know the importance of a viable and realistic  budget , how to foresee  and react in difficult economic situations. They accompanied us in the process of evaluation of our budgets. read more…



Papa Francisco em Maldonado

Peru – meeting with Pope Francisco