First was the year of faith, then that of mercy, and now the Catholic Biblical Federation proposed that between 2019 and 2020 the year of the Bible would be celebrated. However, they received a negative response.

The Secretary General, Catholic Biblical Federation, Fr. Jan J. Stefanów says: "We
received a letter from Archbishop Rino Fisichella who said that with the changes in the Curia, they have decided not to do more thematic years, because there were complaints from some bishops, as they Interrupted the pastoral plans of the dioceses. That is why there will be no more ' years ' called by the Vatican.

In spite of this "no", the federation says that they plan to summon the Jubilee internally, since 2019 is its 50 anniversary and 2020 will be fulfilled 1,600 years of the death of Saint Jerome, the first translator of the Bible to Latin.

To celebrate this, they have convened with their President Cardinal Tagle a pastoral congress in Rome the week after Easter 2019. There they'll reflect on the last 50 years and dream of their future.

The Catholic Biblical Federation is represented in 126 countries and collaborates with the Holy See through the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity. Depending on what each country needs, they organize translations, publications, training and pastoral activities centered on the word of God.