I am grateful to God for the vocation and call that he once made me, today I want to share something of that journey traveled through 50 years of consecrated life to the service of the Kingdom.

I can summarize it as a way of love and friendship. Road full of concrete rocks . From sisters with whom I have shared life and mission, dreams and projects, fraternity and friendship, joys and difficulties …

Along the way I have met a number of people who have given meaning to my missionary vocation in daily life and share efforts to build a more just and humane society. From the simple life of Nazareth in a small town in the Bolivian altiplano, as in the conflictive years of dictatorships, protests, hunger strikes and violent arrests in the joint fight for the defense of Human Rights.

I have lived faith, hope and love from the experience of the people who in the different places of mission have welcomed me, integrated and considered part of them ; what has been an unforgettable experiencethat gave meaning to my being and doing.

There are many gestures of love and friendship that I have received, more than I have been able to deliver. So I’ve experienced that love is the only thing that multiplies when you give it to others.

Today I want to thank God for all I have lived, received and given, because He has been the main companion of the road and the unconditional Friend.

Lola Priede Miranda