The missionary life is a life given over to a BOM Jesus which spur us to continue walking, growing up with their brothers and sisters in the towns that we play live and love every day. Be a missionary is a gift of living in communities and foreign peoples. After many years abroad, I returned to my homeland. There also, in almost decades was missionary in my country working on the Islands and lands of the province of San Luis Beltran, Philippines mission.

But I urge the call forever, left me with great enthusiasm of go according to that so-called missionary. In 1999 I went to the Peru and was assigned in the town of Puerto Maldonado. In a community called Mavila, there started to work with alternative medicines. I've been happy because many health promoters began to work with alternative medicines – herbal, massages, shiatsu, pranic healing, reflexology etc.

In those years he accompanied a sister who is a nurse. It has been an experience very pleasant, traveling along the rivers, native communities and quechua, which we receive with joy. They are generous people, open houses, and always had meals to share or as they said them to invite. In these communities, had sometimes had to travel alone in raft or canoe. I always imagined the journey of our founders.

Mavila, we had a doctor's office. The sister Virginia with conventional medicine with alternative medicine. We also made a few visits to the families. On Sundays, we empeñábamos with catechesis to children and celebration of the word.

In that community we participated in strikes, we support the living so that communities have their basic sanitation etc. In 2004, I have been assigned a machiguenga community to assist in the boarding school of Miss machiguenga and quechua. We have been an international community, 3 Peruvians, 1 Spanish and a filipina. I had the joy of helping in the boarding school, went to different Christian communities giving courses of different themes. In the boarding school we organized the machiguenga women to teach them crafts, literacy, and alternative medicines. That way, we empower women machiguengas.

In the parish of Koribeni, I began to form a group of ladies (s) of different communities to be promoters (s) of alternative medicines. At the beginning, we began to learn about the different plants that were in the area and its properties. The second talk was the knowledge on how to transform them into medicines. And the third phase in the talk is about all to put it into practice. Actually, its gotten medicines already on sale. The group is called: "Energetic hands of Koribeni parish." After plants began to learn reflexology, digit puncture, shiatsu, healing Pranic etc. The parish of Koribeni currently has a group that gives their service to their communities.

Currently, I am working for the Association of organic farming, the goal is always to: empower women, teaching them to manage their homes, hygiene, alternative medicine, gastronomy and talks to his personal growth. To 50% of these women can not read or write, but what gives joy that these women already involved in different organizations, Member of the Board of Directors, questioned, and participates in different activities.

Since last year we contemplate opening a store where the products of their fields and orchards, jams, tonics, ointments, cakes etc. they can be sold. To this day we fail for other reasons. It is a challenge and constant awareness. But don't lose hope only hope the idea mature and women see the advantages.

The harvest is abundant but missing workers.

Ester Rojas