It is a blessing to belong to a “family”. Right after the celebration of the feast day of St. Dominic, we, juniors, gathered in Aileu (a distant town from Dili in the area District of Ermera) to share our thoughts and experiences along the way following the example of our father. As juniors, we did not have any encounter with other Dominican congregations before, but in the spirit of St Dominic, his Brothers came to gather and journey with us as one family. This is the first experince for us and it was interesting to know deeper the true character of a Dominican tradition.

The topic we dealt on was “Religious Life and the Three Vows: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience”. The topic is not new for us but a new learning was gained based upon the sharing on how we lived it. It is quite important to have the quality of life as a religious from the perspective of personal, spiritual to community living and life in mission. There should a harmony in living our lives, from our “being” not from our “doing”.

On the vow of poverty, it is not on what we possess but it’s on how we share what we have with others. On the vow of Chastity; we need to share our love to one another sincerely. Obedience asked from each one of us to listen and to obey not only to our superiors but to God, it is Him who called us to this life. We are given the freedom to choose on what to do with our life but it must go hand in hand with such great care and responsibility.

We were filled with joy to listen and to learn from each other in the group.
The ambience of the cool weather of Aileu made us feel more relax and refreshed to think wider on how we can make a difference in our lives and that of others as a Dominican religious starting from the little things we do. It requires a lot of courage to put the learning in action but with much hope looking forward to see a better future in for this crocodile shaped island, our dear young country – Timor Leste.

Our gratitude to God, our sisters in the community who offered us this opportunity to be with the other group of young Dominicans and for the guidance of Fray Ruben, Sr. Elisa, Sr. Fatima and Sr. Julie for their unselfish knowledge shared to us.

The Junior Professed Sisters in Timor Leste
(Zelia, Maria, Alzira, Saturnina, Sabina and Alda)

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