To evangelize the poor in those missionary situations where the church needs us most.


We are a missionary congregation composed of religious sisters of 22 nationalities and are present in 21 countries all over the world.

We are women believers bonded by the dream of Jesus, in a reconciled humanity. Our communities are specially living among the poor places where people are to preach the Goood News of liberty from all forms of slavery and oppression.

We believe in universal fraternity, trusting in the possibility of building a  world of diversity from the richness of each place, of a community and each person, by which we live in small communities sharing our life and missión.

We believe in the liberating potential of women, fountain of life and beauty, weaver of new bond among humans, the samaritans at the aid of those who suffer, defenders of life of the most vulnerable on earth.


We search together in fraternal communities, through studies and prayer, the light that illumines the presence of God in the midst of our realities, recognizing the signs of life and the shadows which bridge and send us to our wounded humanity.

It is God’s Word which nourishes our commitment for the Kingdom of God and impels our initiatives and projects, the very fountain of our preaching, pronouncements and denouncements.


In Mary, we acknowledge the faithful disciple, the woman of prayer, hard working, who builds fraternity, available, always selfless and reaching out to love. Attentive to the plan of God in history, who sings and celebrates because He “uplifts the lowly and enriches the hungry”, she is the source of inspiration in our misión, strengthening us in our tenderness and care as women who are sent forth to journey with others from their cultural and religious diversity.