On March 7 of this year, in the premises of the Round Table for the Fight against Poverty – MCLCP , in the presence of the Regional Executive Committee (CER), the elected Governor of the Madre de Dios Region, Dr. Luis Hidalgo ratified with its signature the Governability Agreements 2018.

These Governance Agreements were worked by Interinstitutional Commissions of the State and Civil Society with the objective of promoting human development and the welfare of the population. They were proposed to the different political candidates to the Regional Government, whose signature was registered in a public act. After the election of the month of October, the ratification of the new Governor’s commitment was pending. This fact is what took place on the day in question.

Sr. Lourdes Pérez T. OP, Coordinator of the MCLCP, Madre de Dios, gave the greeting of welcome and among things said: ” Here we are gathered as CER of the Round Table to witness the ratification of the Governance Agreement … Here we receive it as a candidate , we now receive him as Governor-elect ; with the confidence to do a concerted job ¡For a Dignified Life for everyone and so that no one is left behind! “…”

In turn, the Governor, Dr. Luis Hidalgo Okimura said : “Come to ratify a commitment that as a candidate I assumed, is to respond to this important institution, which I believe, should be known by all political candidates; because it has allowed me to know serious and real data on the gaps and indicators of poverty, anemia and others in the Region. These data can help the Government Plan, as has been our case, in which we have found coincidences, but also new contributions. At this point of my management, I realize that the work proposed by the Board was and is very serious. Through the Mesa, I learned to defend the values ​​of Madre de Dios before the Central Government. For example, it is not real that in our Region there is 0% poverty, an indicator that they handle. It is real that the anemia in the infant population of the Native Communities is 60% … We are working so that the gap in anemia decreases, and the anemia is not only the lack of iron; Anemia is fought with better services, with better quality of life. Reduce water and sewage gaps and achieve basic sanitation, I learned here in the MCLCP … We have to open the data and make the government see that there is poverty and demand to achieve better budgets … But we also have to improve our way of working. We have to articulate with the eleven Municipalities that we have in the Region, we can no longer work in isolation. Today the work has to be arranged, today we represent the peoples who have chosen us; that is why we are together with the authorities of the Provinces and Districts and institutions such as the Concertation Table.

Another aspect is to guarantee the fulfillment of goals, as it is very well in the ratification act that I am going to sign today. These will be prioritized in a Regional Ordinance, because they will be a regional policy of those commitments that we assume as Candidate and today we ratify as Governor. I hope we can continue to work and reduce the gaps identified in 2018 and improve them by 2022 … I will gladly sign in front of you as Governor. “

The signing of these Agreements, not only generates expectations, but feeds our hope to see that it is possible to make an impact on the good of our people, through these mechanisms that the political life of the country gives us. It is now up to the Round Table, to make the appropriate follow-up through the four Committees of the CER (Institutional, Social, Economy, Environment) so that the Regional Government carries out the implementation of public policies that benefit the quality of life of the population of Madre de Dios.

Community of Puerto Maldonado, members of the CER.