To share this new experience, home to endless thanking the Lord, Mary, our founders and the Provincial Council of "Santa Rosa"; for allowing me to live a new experience in the community of the juniorate in San Juan de Lurigancho.

After more than 30 years with children 3-5 years in initial education centres: Lima, Bellavista and Sepahua. Since 1996 with children aged 0-3 in INABIF (Institute for family well-being) and the retirement home of the Brazil Avenue until February 2016. All these years shared in the places mentioned was of much wealth, joy, and delivery to the service of the mission, however this not exhausted possibilities and changes in me as missionary Dominica, always willing and attentive to the voice of the spirit, for respond in this time of restructuring.

Responding to what he asked the spirit was for me as pulling me into the void, since I was assigned to a community that requires much preparation and experience, because the mission is very delicate and challenging in these times. Be part of the community of the juniorate was something for which they had not prepared me, however with spirit of faith, obedience, trust in God and Maria agreed. At that time I was designed together with SR.. Carmela Valdivia and 3 sisters, I felt accompanied and supported because with her I shared the mission many years in Bellavista and retreat in Brazil Avenue House.

In the juniorate community are currently five sisters: Luzmila Garay, Juana Reinoso, Jeaneth Machay, Ivon Soria and who writes what the heart dictates you. I am grateful to God, for the sisters who I share my life and those who receive much love, care, attention and support.

Read this insurance will wonder what should I do now? Now the mission is with the grandparents/ACE and sick workers which are for me the suffering Christ, but at the same time represent an enormous joy to see, the grateful workers who remain after receiving the body of Christ, every Sunday, the reading of the word of God and the v uided I do along with the Ministers of the Eucharist.


Another joy I experience is when the people speak to me and remember with affection and gratitude to all the sisters that they have gone through this community, whose fruit today is reflected in men and women who live their faith with the spirit of the missionary commitment Dominican Rosary.

This new experience has not been full-color pink, not always we are in readiness to fulfill the will of the father as Jesus, but with your help and goodwill on our part is accomplished. If we have this saying our founding mother: "We love our missionary vocation, we are strong and generous with the Lord who called us although so unworthy". Desire to do the will of God loving the vocation, always living strengthened from prayer, this drives me every day to live being witness to life for new generations of Dominican missionaries of the Rosary.

Teresa Jesú
Gamero Luque gratefully