Celebrating the 100 years of the MDR

The Dominican missionaries present in Puerto Rico we joined the whole congregation, in these 100 years sharing life and hope in all the countries where we are. This 2018 happened, it was a year of celebrating life and giving thanks to the Lord for the call he has made us as a congregation and for sending to be his witness in the world, evangelizing in those places most in need, as we remember our charisma.

The Sisters of Puerto Rico were recognized by the school community of Lourdes College at the International night. The international night is an artistic activity that takes place every two years in the school, to represent the culture of different countries. Each grade of the school represents a country, with its typical costumes, music and dances. On this occasion, the countries where we are present the Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary were chosen, with occasion to the centenary of the congregation and to the 60 years of foundation of the Lourdes College. It was a very popular and family-friendly activity, as all students are accompanied by their parents, siblings, grandparents, among other family members and friends.

In this event of great joy, colour and hope, the sisters were thanked for the impact they have had and the traces they have left in the reality of the country. In the activity, mention was made of the names of the sisters who are currently in Puerto Rico, at the same time, recognizing that over the years there are many sisters who have passed through here. On behalf of all the Sisters of the congregation, Carmen Gracia and Milagros Vélez, were invited to receive this recognition, which has registered “100 years of Missionary work”, accompanied by these beautiful and meaningful words:

“This group of women who for generations have impacted our country, have helped to forge a better Puerto Rico and I know that they will continue to do it with the generations that are coming. It is an honor to acknowledge the work that for more than 60 years the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary in Puerto Rico have done. ”     

Celebrating these 100 years of life as MDR, challenges us to remain committed to the construction of the Kingdom of God, being a testament to unity, hope, justice and solidarity with the people.

MDR Sisters in Puerto Rico