Our  General Assembly2019 began officially this afternoon in Madrid, Spain; but since a few days the General Council and the sisters of the welcoming community has been receiving sisters from all over the world. This is definitely the Assembly with the greatest cultural and generational diversity, a richness animated by the Holy Spirit that will bear many fruits!

Raquel Gil, our General Coordinator, shared some motivating words for the opening of this assembly. Rachel encouraged us to “be born again”, to break boundaries, to open new roads, to build bridges, to broaden our congregational horizons. To resituate ourselves in the essentials and ask ourselves what is new that the Lord wants from us. For this, she told us that we need to sharpen our eyes by discovering their traces in our history and in our villages. she urged us to assume a proactive and constructive attitude, in freedom, trust and hope. Find brave answers to the new questions posed by the world today.

Mari Carmen Sagardoy, Vicar general, passed the list of attendees and explained the dynamics of presentation in pairs . Each of us were given a coloured hand with a name of a sister and were asked to introduce ourselves to each other and to present each other in the plenary and to fix the colored hands in a tree drawn on the wall the tree gradually began to take on color.

Raquel explained how they had made the synthesis of the work done by the communities for the assembly. Daisy Xavier, general councilor, translated into   English to help the sisters of Asia.

We  approved schedules and regulation; and to chose the teams of:

-Communication: Marisa, Fernanada, Shalimol, Idalina and Meivol

-Moderators: Begoña and Mafalda

-Writers: Isabel Vergara, Giovanna

We continued the day with the opening mass adorned with symbols and gestures typical of our cultures, and welcoming the Word and the Eucharist that will accompany us in this journey together. We were also accompanied by the sisters of the communities of Madrid, the congregational juniorate community and some teachers from the Stella Maris School. The Mass was broadcasted live on Facebook and can be found on our Facebook account of Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary.

We invite you to remain attentive and prayerful to feel connected by this Spirit that calls us to “be born again”.