Today once again we took up the reflection on the Leadership and our community life, with Fr. Gonzalo (Claretian Priest).

Every sister who exercises a function, a leadership, must understand that we are servants.

To make a true discernment we need to consider the following aspects:

  1. The topic we discusse must interest all.
  2. No one must feel superior, inferior to the other.
  3. The discernment we make in community affects all.

We have to be careful not to confuse the analysis with the action, because the analysis can be a mirage of being in motion when in reality it can keep us in a paralysis.

We talked about the emergencies of the congregation and how to specify actions that will help us move forward.

We also commented on vocation ministry, that in less satisfied societies there are more possibilities to provoke the search for meaning and to find vocations, but that if the society in which we live feels satisfied, it will hardly be questioned to change its status quo. It is important to spend time in our communities to listen to the vocational story of each of our sisters. Feel and make each sister feel that she is special and important.

Tomorrow we will continue with the same theme.