General Council
Misioneras Dominicas del Rosario

Madrid, 18  April  2019


                                                                        “He has risen from the dead and now he is going ahead of you to Galilee,

that is where you will see him” Mt 28:7

Dear Sisters:

One hundred years after our Foundation, we firmly believe and thus we feel and see, like the people of Israel in their march through the desert that “The Lord goes before us. By day in a pillar of cloud to show us the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give us light, so that we can march by day and by night”. Exodus 13:21

The Lord has been great with us because from the first day he placed himself at the head of our pilgrim march and has led and guided our steps, like a pillar of fire, throughout these hundred years of congregational missionary history. This year, just one month after the celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection, we will celebrate our General Assembly. A “stop” on our way, to refuel, to drink water and regain a new momentum. We will stop precisely to be able to continue. We will pause to open the doors of our hearts and let the Risen Lord enter with all his potential for Life and Hope and help us to find the fundamental meanings of our life and mission and thus reorder our priorities.

The Risen Lord goes before us: “Go quickly  and tell his disciples: He has risen from the dead and now he is going ahead of you to Galilee, that is where you will see him” Mt 28: 7

Certainly we live in difficult times, we feel dismayed before a world threatened by dehumanization. But these tough times help not only to sharpen our ingenuity and creativity but also to focus above all on the essential and to understand once again the meaning of following of Jesus.

Galilee is the place to follow and to follow Jesus implies to live as he lived, he, who dedicated his life to seek and serve the most impoverished, sinful, sick, trampled and excluded from society.

Whoever claims to remain in Him must act as He acted” (1Jn 2,6).

  Jesus invites us to have a personal experience of Him for which we have to move to the place where He dwells, to set us on motion, to be on His direction. Galilee is the land of the forgotten, of the last, of the invisible, is the land of marginality, of the frontiers:

Whoever begins to walk in the way of Christ enters into the struggle of life against death” (Jürgen Moltmann).

We must go to Galilee to rediscover the Risen Jesus and recover the life that He wants to give us with all its radicalness, its depth and its entire flavor. Only from this “rooting” in the Risen Jesus will our lives show the humanizing, energizing and vivifying Love in which we believe and it has been given to us freely.

If we are really women attracted by the Face of Jesus, we shall place our future and our whole existence in Him. The Risen Lord “goes before us,” guiding us and accompanying us as a column of fire, leading us to new and unsuspected regions.

Today more than ever, the certainty of his eternal companionship gives birth to an overwhelming joy that no one can take from us because we know that He is alive, He is the Living.


Happy Easter

A hug with love