The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 is awarded to the gynecologist Congolese DENIS MUKWEGE and the activist Yazidi Nadia Murad.

63-year-old doctor DENIS MUKWEGE spent much of his adult life helping victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1999, he founded, with the help of international NGOs, the Hospital de Panzi, in the city of Bukavu, in the east of the country. As chief surgeon of that center, he and his team operated more than 40,000 women raped and victims of genital mutilation. “Dr. Mukwege repeatedly condemned impunity for mass rapes and criticized the Congolese government and other countries for not doing enough to stop the use of sexual violence against women as a strategy and a weapon of war,” the Committee describes Norwegian.

“When we talk about rape as a weapon of war, I have the impression that many people think that it is only an unconsented sexual relationship. People are not aware of the strength of the action that occurs, when a woman is not only collectively raped, in front of her children, her husband, her community… But also injures his genitals. All this also means that their humanity is devastated, being treated like an animal. I think that if today there are still no serious positions on these actions, it is because in the head of the people there is a great confusion: these acts of barbarity are confused with a sexual relationship, and these are two completely different things; These are two aspects that must be kept totally separate, “explained Dr. Mukwege.  (Vatican News)


ECAFRI Solidarity Statement


Democratic Republic of the CONGO


We want you to be well-health together with your family and all the “Friends of Peace”, which together with you. They are dedicated to the noble mission of giving hope to women victims of sexual violence at the foundation of the Banzi Hospital, and are currently gratified to have received the Nobel Peace Prize in recent days.

Let us introduce ourselves for being the first time we addressed you. We are Dominican missionary Sisters of the Rosary, a religious congregation of the Catholic Church, which is currently present in 21 countries.

 It was in the year 1952 when we began our mission in Africa among the poor people, precisely in your country, then called the Belgian Congo, we later extended our mission to Angola, Mozambique and Cameroon. Presently we are 90 sisters and live in 21 communities extended in the different countries already mentioned.

We wish to express our deep jubilation and joy for the prize he has received, we feel equally honored, for being a son of Africa, Congolese and doctor, but above all for the noble ideals that guide his life and his action, which we subscribe in our Own mission.  We gather our voice to all the voices of the world who recognize the authenticity of the prize received. Many congratulations, Dr. Dinis, congratulations.

After reading your speech that we esteem inspired and very courageous, we want to tell you that we are not indifferent in the struggle for this cause. Because of the mysticism that orients our action, we have as a priority the cause of the defense of women, their rights and their dignity, as a transversal value that orients our doing. At this moment we feel stimulated and encouraged by the testimony of his life and the narrated experience that, being so strong and hard, leaves us speechless or better excites us as the nurses in the operating room of his hospital.

Dr. Denis, receive our humble homage and deep gratitude for all that has enriched us with his good doing, we also want to collaborate with our simple lives and delivered among the vulnerable people to collaborate in the transformation of This world where violence and war are a “bad dream” that when awakening is not reality.


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