In the month of November the juniors had our first meeting. At this moment in the province we are six juniors: Matilde and Leticia of second stage, that of projection and Frania, Georgina, Yaneth and Eveling of the first stage, that of confrontation (according to in new Plan of initial formation). Our meeting takes place in the post-assembly area of our San José Province, a meeting that was expected throughout the year. We were accompanied by our sisters Geraldina and Estíbaliz.

Geraldina guided us from prayer with a dance, to connect with ourselves, with the cosmos, with God and with others.

Our moderators of the meeting, Leticia and Frania, from their creativity began the encounter with music, which helped us to release tensions and share in a espóntanea way. The dynamics helped us to integrate, interact with each other and continue to getting from what we are each. Three dynamics were proposed, which facilitated the opening for dialogue and sharing.

We start presenting each one in a creative way, making known our qualities, vulnerabilities, hobby. After the dynamics of dating, it took a while to talk and listen in pairs, especially with the sister who did not know much. At this time it was proposed to share the following questions: How did my vocation come about? And what has sustained me throughout my initial training process and what desires or dreams do I have for my life?

Then with the dynamics of the “guide” was motivated to be guided by a companion, as one of her was blindfolded. During the tour we were spontaneously sharing about ourselves and answering/talking about some questions that arose. It was a very deep moment, where each one felt free to share and open their lives, the most sacred, to the other.

We concluded this space of integration and interaction with the dynamic “Truth or garment”, which allowed us to interact naturally and share experiences of our life (infatuation, our feeling in the assembly, fears…). Estíbaliz and Geraldina provided and enlightened us from their experiences.

After the dynamics we were accompanied by Geraldina, who introduced us to the theme: “Challenges of the Juniorate stage”, highlighting three fundamental challenges: spirituality, the care of the links: the community and the relationships, the care of the delivery to The mission. Beautiful and challenging space for our stage.

It has been a rewarding, motivating and profitable meeting. It helped us to strengthen ties, to grow in friendship… As a gesture of closeness to each other, we agreed to exchange the drawing, poem, song, with which we had presented ourselves and promised to pray for it, write and have it pending.

We ended our meeting, accompanied by the song: “God has given me sisters, a gift for my weakness…”, embracing each other feeling sustained and encouraged by others.

We enjoy our meeting: Estibaliz, Leti, Frania, Georgina, Eveling, Mati, Yaneth, Geraldina.