Evangelizer: We are gathered by a special charism “To evangelize the poor in those s missionary situations where the church needs us most”. A charism born from the challenge of the mission and the encounters with the indigenous people of the Peruvian jungle. It is in the midst of each brother and sister where we discover and experience God as Father/Mother and the urgency to live as brothers and sisters.

We want to give testimony of the Risen Jesus just as the first witnesses of His Resurrection did. We welcome with joy the missionary call of making disciples and to be witnesses of the God of Life. We along with a throng of witnesses, men and women of all cultures, epochs and peoples who have lived the Word of Jesus “Go and make disciples to all peoples”.

Servants of the poorest: imitating our Teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, who became poor and devoted throughout his whole life to serve God’s preference. We welcome this mission as a gift which commits us to share our lives with the poor, accompanying them in their hopes, struggles and sufferings.

Missionary: In a world in which men and women leave their countries, we feel driven, sent to break boundaries and differences, because we believe in the presence of God in every village, searching in varied ways and horizons. We have hopes in humanity of a new heaven and new Earth.

Deliverer: In a world in which life is denied to thousands of people due to lack of food, education, identity and freedom, we like Jesus, are committed in the work of integral liberation of our peoples, announcing and celebrating Christ’s saving presence. For among us, to speak of God is to talk about the need to work for justice and demand justice.

An Embodied Reality: From the deep experience with God who wanted to make His dwelling among us, we stand in solidarity with peoples who dream of a brighter tomorrow. Stand with each human person who seeks, believes and works for a life of dignity and justice along with all cultures who strive to preserve countless riches and where the seeds of the Word of God dwells.

Marian: We discover in Mary a Model in our discipleship, the faithful and courageous woman, who sings and is delighted by the presence of God in herstory and the history of God’s people. A Woman who accompanies and nourishes the hope of the desolate community of the disciples and was a witness of the Descent of the Spirit.

 Prayerful: In the silence is where God speaks to us, it is the very experience that unifies and nourishes our project of life, as St. Dominic wants us to speak with God and of God to others.

Seekers of the truth: It is through study where one discovers “spring of hope” which allows us as a community to seek the truth, we need to scrutinize the word of God and human sciences, by which we build ourselves responsibly to serve better.

Gender Awareness: Our spirituality invites and urges us to enhance our being as women, conscious of the richness that we inhabit and the exploitation suffered by many women in the world. Hence, we feel in solidarity with women who are fighting and striving to defend and care for life. We believe in God as Father/Mother who accompanies and strengthens our hope and the women of our countries in the journey towards a society of respect and equal right.