Almost a month sharing with the older sisters of the community of Chaclacayo, almost a whole life to reflect and a few minutes to realize that we arrived with nothing and nothing will leave.

As someone said, the land that we treadtoday, tomorrow will be our roof. There are so many things to give thanks to life, for life itself, which is a ” continuous stream of gratitude and joy ” , for what we are, for what we have, for what we do and for what we stop doing . . L avIda is beautiful and we nosotra s which have the task of making it so. S i we do not do what we have to do, nobody will do it, not even God. With my “beautiful old ladies” I started that when there is someone with whom to look us in the eye, talk , cry and sing, that is happiness.

Every morning, every day, the sisters of prayer and breakfast have their tasks: pupiletras, paint madalas, play Chinese checkers, put together puzzles, read the newspaper, some with their 98 years. Each one with its peculiar way of seeing and living life, of being next to the other, of asking for what it needs, of thanking for what it has, of praying, of smiling, of loving . They show the greatness of the mystery that we are all . When I said goodbye I stopped breathing, not to cry , because I’m going to miss them.

When I arrived at the host community in Lima, at lunch there were mangoes, the route that Yuri likes, which now comes with us to Sepahua. I taught in all that you will enjoy the many mango trees we have there .

The flavor of the mango of each tree has its unique and special nuance that makes it different from the others. The mangoes of the oldest trees have the concentrated essence and its consistent texture, they are really tasty. The mangoes of younger trees are more juicy and more flexible and are also tasty.

Thinking of the mangoes, my sisters in Chaclacayo came to mind and I felt that ” everything is connected ” . Our life and that of the fruit trees are similar. Each stage of life has its own characteristics and its own consistency and flavor.When we get older, the energy is less, muscles, bones , cognitive skills, respond very slowly and we need others, sometimes for almost everything . E s t o leads us into our own center, where God dwells, and then springs humility full of light and love, the considerable tenderness by looking at the profile of the face, caution that cures and heals, silence you It leads to expressing what without it you would never do. And so life is still beautiful, if we want it to be.

Grace sisters for being what they are, for what they were and for what they will be , and if any of them leave without us being able to embrace each other again , we will see each other in the sky where Life is Beautiful.

Thanks to the Provincial Team for giving me this time with them.

Ana Jeaneth Andino Farm