Teresinha. Mahotas. Mozambique.

teresinhaCapabilities, level of language, never were the mine, that you give the best written words to express the deep gratitude I have for all of you, the constant affection and everything that I taught in the beautiful mission that you have. That will be for my whole life and teachings that I have been offered free of charge, through your attitude, your friendship, your silence, your sense of humor, vuesta complicity, your simplicity, that is much better when we talk to the heart than when we use relevant words. For all this and much more, because of this experience I bring with me a huge fortune.

Fortune that which cannot be measured, is not quantified, is not wasted. A fortune living an enormous responsibility, coherence in the use and, above all, a commitment that wants to be for life.

I will never forget how you came into my life and how molded it it and how made it it better and fuller, rating and give value.

teresinha. at a meeting with childrenThey reminded me of the importance of rituals, and how no us bastamos and we are limited. And that only with and through others honor the better our lives. All this is to confirm that in fact only we must trust God and let him “make mischief”. In fact, “choose not the trained, trains the elect”, and that gives me huge peace of mind, knowing that he has here, in this realm, that is built here and now, representatives of large caliber. And so it will be recorded and never to be forgotten, these representatives are you.

Thank you, for making me feel at this moment, a huge predicament in the heart, is a sign that that organ is live and the urgency and reason that is worth surrendering the things.

A big, big hug is always your friend who you love and you will never forget.