Yes, the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary of Amrut Nagar, Parksite parish, Mumbai are true example of hard work, perseverance and motivation: which are so true to the above words.

As I reflect on the closing Centenary of Congregation of Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, of 100 years being so spectator, I feel nostalgic as my memories go 40 years back of my close association, with the Dominican Sisters of Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar, and Mumbai. I have a lot to pen down, but due to time constrain, let me touch on the fine harmonious balance between the parish works, their project and their own work of the community that they are called for.

-Decades rolled, years ticked by, a number of novices moving in  and out of this convent, I have seen it right here.

Though a lot of changes have taken place, but one thing that has withstood the test of time is the inherent greatness of the sisters, in all their simplicity & meekness which they go about bringing Peace, Joy and Happiness in the lives of the people they meet. It is an overwhelming sight to behold when they bring a million Dollar smile on the faces of the children in Balwadi (crèche) of slum where they work. Subsequently working even for the empowerment of the women  at large, teaching them  skills of needle work & other jobs, so that they are self sufficient, educating them on various aspects of cleanliness, health, to lead a life to its fullest (meaningfully).

Despite many ups & downs they stay focused the motto “Lose yourself to find God” work with dedication & ministry zeal to promote spiritually among parishioners, the sisters are instrumental in bringing the youth together & helping them to put up many events. In times of crisis their doors are always open wide for people of all castes & communities.

I especially remember with love & gratitude the founder of this house in Mumbai, here in Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar, of this Congregation, our Late Sr. Joaquina Illarraz, and Late Sr. Rosario Pereira. [RIP] and the sisters whom I could not forger our own Sr. Annie, Sr. Edna, Sr. Pauline, Sr. Salome, followed many others.

May God Bless their efforts & there be many vocations in our Parish through their prayers.

Mrs. Irene Atkins,

Amrut Nagar,

Ghatkopar, Mumbai.