Applicants from Guatemala, province San JoseFull of joy and gratitude to God for having the opportunity and the happiness of this “Community-mission” experience, having lived in different communities where we were welcomed with love and availability to accompany us in this process of formation (postulancy). Where we enriched the community life of the sisters and also characteristic of each group of people with whom we had contact. We left our community willing to discover the new, the different realities where they are inserted the Dominican missionaries of the Rosary, had different expectations; go to distant communities, feel family, share with the professed sisters and among others that mostly met. Live these experiences with various feelings at the same time, sometimes with great joy to have shared the mission sisters, leading the contact the people aroused by motives in our choice of life, in the confidence that we have in one way or another.

At other times we are living with sadness because of the situation of injustice and inequality that we could feel and see every face. Of all realities found, some that impressed us deeply and have left traces in our walk of life, for example: discover that mental poverty and greed destroys us, because that leads to an inequality that submits to others and allocates them to live looked down upon. Another reality that is alien to our time, is the disintegration in the home, the lack of humanity in the family because there are no opportunities to have a life worthy and to get ahead, what makes us sad. Also find young people willing to take the risk to this option of missionary life, encourages and feeds our process, also feel the presence of God who acts at all times and is still calling from our reality. These experiences reaffirm in us the desire to continue this journey with spirit, honest delivery and feeling that love has no limits, following Jesus, who is the center of our mission, reflected in the most needy. He also helped us to discover that we have to be ready to enter the different spaces, environments and groups with whom it is shared.

We discovered that charisma is really lives in each one of the Mission in which the sisters are inserted be in the slums, originating and peoples in every suffering face of women, youth, the elderly and children, in general with people in most need; evangelizing in different ways and with walk of life, without losing the sense of mission manifested by Jesus, which leads to the unit and to meet every day to unify us with he who called us. After share these experiences, we have some texts that we feel that they collect and illuminate what has been lived in the heart: “… “Thus saith the Lord: as clay in the Potter’s hands so are you in my hand…” (Jer. 18.6). “yesterday as today, Jesus Christ is the same, and always will be” (Heb. 13.8) “are always happy, pray without ceasing and thank God on every occasion” (1Tes. 5, 16-18).

Thank you, see you soon.

Fondly in Guatemala, San Jose province applicants:
Onelia López Ortíz (Guatemalan)
Marisela Lumbí Sequeira (Nicaragua)
Angélica M. Gómez Gómez (Mexican)

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