The Lord is in the small details of our lives. He enables us and gives us opportunity to let realize the presence of Christ to them who are still unaware of his love, grace and forgiveness by preparing us to lift the abandoned and needy up as we build the kingdom of the Lord on the earth.

Living in the presence is to realize and accept what is happening to us, what we think, feel and do. It is like being conscious of our own thoughts and actions and focusing on them by keeping present time in mind. In this way we look at situations as they are, without coloring them with our past experience. Living is such a way makes it easier to us to deal with whatever we are doing at the present moment. We look at the things as they are, without being influenced by fears, anger, desires or attachments.

There is a story about two friends travelling together by a train. One of them was very nervous, restless and full of complaints during the whole trip. He was impatient to reach his destination, remained indifferent to every moment of the trip. As his mind was full of restlessness and grumpy thoughts, he could not enjoy the surroundings.

His friend on the other hand, enjoyed the beauty of nature, drank a cup of coffee, ate a piece of cake and had a word with other passengers. He experienced delight in each moment of his trip. He lived in the present and made the most of it. On their arrival, he was fresh and delightful. The other one as expected was tired, unhappy and exhausted.

It is a matter of the right attitude. Life becomes happy and enjoyable trip when the attitude towards the life and its effects are positive. The present moment should be used in the best possible way.

The regret of the past and worries about the future steal the joy of the present time. Therefore do not regret about the past events nor fear about the events that will take place in the future. For tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Enjoy the present moment. There will you find the god and create each moment full of happiness.

Dear God,

I spend so much time living yesterday or anticipating tomorrow that I lose sight of the only time that is really mine, the present moment. You are today, one moment at a time, that’s what all I have, all I will ever have. Fill me with the faith which knows that each moment contains exactly what is best for me. Bless me the hope which trusts you enough to keep me away from the past failures and future trials. Complete me with your love which makes each moment an anticipation of eternity with you.

Sr. Tejal Macwan

Zubeita Niwas,

Mundi, Madhya Pradesh.