For almost two months now I have been sharing my life and faith in the Community “Our Lady Guadalupe de Ayquina”, whose mission is to accompany the process of faith of the students of the school that bears the same name and of the entire Educational community.

They have been meaningful months. Since reencontrarme with several familiar faces and with the novelty of others, who have joined this project.

On March 14 , the Educational Foundation “Our Lady of Guadalupe de Ayquina”, fulfilled 64 years of preferential option for women. All this time the educational community has accompanied the process of integral formation of girls and adolescents in this area, as a contribution to the church of Calama, to families, to the country and to the world, because when women are fully educated, a significant contribution is made to humanity.

During this year, Sister Pamela Robl is and I, we are committed to accompany the students from the ages of 6 to 17, in their human-Christian process, through reflection days , that allow them to the girls and adolescents, have more elements to walk through life, with resilient attitudes and above all with a look of faith, that gives them a plus, in front of a consumer society, violent and discriminatory, in such a way that they can choose a wise position and especially evangelical, in each of the contexts that assume s touch.

From our being Missionaries, and following in the footsteps of our Blessed Ascension Nicol, we are committed to “doing good and doing good”, living our vows to the fullest, being bridges to bring people to Jesus. Accompanying with tenderness, with concrete commitments and with joy the people that God puts in our way on a daily basis.

We ask all our Dominican saints and saints to intercede before the Triune God for not us, so that we do not lack faith, audacity and wisdom to fulfill this proposed goal.

Sr. Edith Ponce Castro
Missionary Dominica del Rosario.