X meeting of PJV Bellavista, Jaen-peru (July 28 – August 2, 2017) this missionary experience has brought me beautiful trouble in the soul. I have learned to see God in the silence of a chapel as the contact with people. I could see it in the most unthinkable; and small details in a small flower that grows solitary in the middle of the undergrowth, in grain of rice which is surrounded by water, in the design of the wings of a butterfly, in perfectly painted colors stones, in the rain drops that wet my face.

And both big and small; in the Palm trees that rise to the heaven to give glory to the creator, in the clouds drawn with such perfection that muted the soul, which are lost in the hills one behind other far away, in the waters of the river giving life to the fields , in the depth of the sky, in the innumerable trees. even in the spines of the road, in the Sun that burns and gives life, in all creation that I whispered to the heart "I am your God, your Creator, I have called and I brought to the desert to speak to the heart because I've loved you forever".

But not only the creation, but for the first time I've seen God among the people; in tears of a mother weeping by the absence of their children, who suffer in body and pain he suffers in the soul, in the effort of the farm worker, in the girl who did not know his mother , the love of Doña Alejita and Mrs. Eli; in the smiles of Jimena and Karla running on the square, in the face of Jacki, in the eye of Rita, in the tears of Alisson. I've learned to preach without words, to bring to the work contemplated in the soul; with a look, with a smile, a gesture, with a greeting, with one hand that helps and with other caressing.

Now my heart is restless; you want to get in way the footsteps of Christ; no longer knows if continue saving the precious Pearl take her lack of it who, or is that it turns on a lamp to have it saved, no longer knows how to hide when it has also found happiness in the mission and in andar, who encountered Jesus no pued and keep it for himself and my heart knows, if before I only knew existed to comfort, now already knows how. Woe to me if I ad not the Gospel! Today I close human eyes to open with excitement of the soul, contemplate God and take it, with charity in a smile. I can say without fear that "I've never felt God so close as in Bellavista".

Melissa Castillo, Huacho, Peru

* partic

ipated in the Mission of the X meeting of PJV (Pastoral Juvenil-Vocacional) experience without thinking that it would be one of the best experiences of my life. I had never had a similar one. The proposal going to the mission and transmit it to young people was a good idea so we live what "Being men and women for others." Personally I felt that I was very close to Jesus in all my actions.

I felt very proud to help people who didn't know and learn to live with them. One of the things that I liked the most was the spend a day with a family of the place, Bellavista; Therefore, I felt that I was at home. I had the opportunity of sharing the Lady keep long. As a mother who is, gave me many tips that I know, I will serve to my life. Another moment I lived and I was very moved was the time Santa missionary. You have a space with Jesus is more than important, necessary because he loves us and will never tire of waiting to talk about it.

I learned that we can not only evangelizing preaching the word of the Lord with our words; but we can also do it with our actions; I learned to have a compassionate look towards others and serve. Consorting with people from other places me and helped us much; Therefore, we learned to harmonize life together, to help each other, we were there for a common goal: be young MISSIONARIES of JESUS.

Essentials for my spiritual life and service from now on is to look at Jesus in everything and everyone. Find it in my Act every day. Feel it in every moment, when I share with my family, with my friends, with the children of the pastoral and people of my around, and with those who find me for where I go. Serve, because Jesus gave us the example and we must continue it. Pray silently for peace many times us removes the problems that face us.

Katia Palacios, Piura,

Peru *

an experience missionary for many could mean the maximum expression of sacrifice; However, when one does will, sacrifices become experiences simple and profound at the same time. These days of stay in Bellavista-jaen have been very satisfactory for me, both in the spiritual and in other aspects of my life, since I am really full of all that grace that the Lord can give you someone who responds to their call.

After this lively adventure I can say quite deliberately that my life will be different from today forward, since being away I learned to appreciate more my family and every moment of joy that you privas living with them to give it to God with other people.

Continuous contact with nature, such as the Marañón River, and the presence of Jesus in that nature makes you think about the care that we are giving to the creation that was part of what we did in the mission: help take care of this greenery enjoyed the s people in Jaén with the Community task of cleaning did and with which evangelize without talking much.

Sharing with people from different cultures and traditions also helped me to believe more in that we are all equal and that we can live together in an atmosphere of harmony and dialogue sharing different experiences, but at the same time you join and you fill with a pleasant feeling delivery to others.

I hope very anxious to be able to participate in the next meeting of Youth Ministry; as the routine of life that we sometimes makes to forget Jesus and urge him to stay in our minds and hearts. And in this experience I can say that I felt closer to him as never before in my life.

Natalia Meneses, Huacho,

Peru *