I don’t know what shall I report about the mission outside but here are the few things I got to share with you

  1. Visiting the Sick in the Hospitals

Since I have nothing to do during the week days, so Sr. Asunta Fang, our provincial Coordinator decided to allow me visiting the sick in the Hospitals voluntarily. I go thrice a week to the hospitals along with one of the volunteering group’s organization name “Spirit Care”.

On Monday and Friday visit the Annan Hospital. It is located in Tainan City, Annan District. On Tuesday I go to the Veterans General Hospital, it is also located in Tainan.

Sometimes I feel sad and challenging to not able to express or give what I have due to the limitation of the language but this little mission has given me opportunities to experience primarily to be present to the sick, families and friends and to listen to their concerns and needs so I can journey with them in offering spiritual support.

It taught me several ways on how can I witness to God’s great love in ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of the sick.

There are times even those of whom are not Christians would ask us to pray over them and sing the Gospel song and it moves me deeply because It makes me feel how God moves his presence in us to help them to find their own spiritual path as they search for comfort, peace and healing of body and mind, bringing them what they describe as “uplifting of the Spirit”

At the end of the day as I reflect on the spiritual significance of my visits, I am filled with motivation and inspiration from these encounters during which we experience the spiritual mysteries of God’s gifts to us. God’s love, compassion, peace and healing are with us in these and all challenges.


  1. Bible Sharing

Due to the limitation of my Chinese, Every Tuesday evening I decided to take part with the Bible sharing group in Cathedral along with Sr. Chrrepihtun. This experience given me the chance to improve my Chinese, especially in speaking and listening skills. Most importantly it is about sharing and witnessing God’s love to the community.


  1. With the Migrants

On Sunday I accompany Sr. Rose to the Xinxi Parish with the Migrants. On the especial occasions (like Christmas, Holy Week, or other important celebrations) they would also give me an opportunity to give them seminars, recollections, and homily. This is the experience I enjoyed the most. I feel like I am not just only sharing them what I’ve learned but it is a sharing of witnessing about God’s great love that I’ve experienced in real life. It was a great pleasure to have had an opportunity to have shared what God has given me.  

Connect with God through practices that help me engage with him and rest in his presence.


Mariana Dos Santos Barreto