I barely thought about the so-called “memorable experiences” in life. Since there are a lot of things need to be corrected somehow, a need to forget because way back in my past I’ve experience pain, confusion about things and even worst, agony. However when I started to do so, I found myself in a certain room (in a small corner to be exact) checking my phone’s gallery of what Emily Clark’s once stated in her timeline stories: “Always look for something positive in every day even if some days you have to look a little harder”.  That’s life, whether you like it or not you are what you are now because of what you experienced by then.

In those memories, I remembered my days since I was a student of Xavier High School in Mabuhay, Olutanga, administered by the Dominican Sisters. I was one of the privileged scholars of CFCA, hence, I made it to college and graduated. I am presently sharing my life as a staff of one of the schools in the island where the sisters are doing mission.

Everything seems so clear…. the joy of reminiscing and unveiling as well my personal negative experiences and working it out to resort and relieve. Reality teaches a lot. Wisdom is knowing that whatever we may encounter, we all have moments of sadness and joy for it is what life happens to be like. Failures are part of life however; it is not a proof to give up nor to lead someone feeling downhearted or ending up in sorrow.

Strengthening one’s patience, to wait for the perfect timing and to God’s will on us. All Praise and Glory to God. This, I do believe, and it will be for the rest of my life! True, for I stumbled countless of times but by the end of the day I see myself enjoying the beautiful scenery of life’s reality. The reality where I am now and a reality of what I am satisfied for what I do!

 You might be asking what reality is it? What I am talking about and wish to share is something a bit interesting. I flew to Cebu after my graduation (a course I did not feel like doing at first but I obey and agreed with my mother as she wants me to get that), I obeyed.

First thing came out in my mind as I landed, I found Cebu island as super awesome. Besides getting a job and was later promoted for some position, I feel as if happiness is overloading.  My hashtags every time I posted my lifestyle in any social media account clearly shows that, life seems a simple snappy click on phones, yet, I still feel discontentment and looking for something new and more substantial.

When I went for grocery shopping, I had an encounter which give me a sign to do even something good. There was a quite a long line at the counter as a 9-year-old girl in front of me was begging her mom to buy her some chocolates.  I said to myself, kids of this generation just don’t know the word “no”, so, her mom will buy her a candy bar instead. To my surprise, the girl didn’t tear it open rather, she went to the end of the line and gave it to a little boy whose age is a bit younger than her who was crying out loud. Her mom was surprised and wondering why on earth she did that! That 9-year-old girl simply says that she heard the boy craving for it, crying for some sweets but her mom is on her tight budget, that they need to prioritize what is exactly needed at home. So, just to make the boy feel better she genuinely gave her sweets to him. I was starstruck from what I just saw and feel so proud of a little one doing such kind deed.

There I confirmed that in everything, this “little deed” of feeling the way others do, is really what is lacking, little acts of kindness to others. I felt the need to share, to help fill the world with little deeds even in small ways. The real meaning of happiness of course, is in the how we do things… The need to share, to feel what others are on, to think of others and be conscious of everyone around even to those not known to us.

Kindness is always a great thing to do which made me realize what is important. Thus, it led me to leave the city and go back to the place that I always call my home, a home where I truly belong. For this is the place where the saying is popularized: “Mother’s knows best”. Because being home, the search is over for contentment is what I am dealing with and happiness is doing what I truly do enjoy doing right now.

* Sharilene Assamudin