With a self-critical look and emphasizing the serious situations of abuse committed by priests and members of the Church, and in their commitment to eradicate them, Monsignor Aós OFM CAP. celebrated the Mass of the beginning of his Apostolic Administration of the Archdiocese of Santiago in the Metropolitan Cathedral .

“God of surprises, God of wonders says the Virgin Mary, the God who surprised Moses himself and then the Israelites knowing that through him was going to free them from the bondage of Egypt, has been lengthening the list of those who They were called as pastors to this Church of Santiago. In the person of Monsignor Ricardo Ezzati, I thank all the pastors, bishops, priests and deacons of this particular Church of Santiago who, like Moses, knew about hours of light and hours of the cross.

God, only God knows all your generosity and dedication, all your efforts and works. No community can forget its pastors and parents in the faith that Jesus Christ assigned to it. As the prayers of the faithful sustained him, count, Cardinal Lord, with our friendship and our prayers and continue placing you under the maternal protection of Mary Help of Christians.

In particular, I ask you and I also ask all of you, dear sisters and brothers, to pray for me so that I can come to know this Church, love it with its virtues and qualities and its shortcomings and sins and so that I can serve her by walking with everyone seeking and discerning the will of God. I thank the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who in these moments and circumstances, knowing my smallness and limitations, has considered that I should add my collaboration to his task for the good of this Church of Santiago and Chile.

None of you is hidden that is a service of demand and cross, pray for the Pope as he usually asks and pray, pray a lot for me. I appreciate the teachings and orientations that the Pope left us during his visit to Chile and in the letter he wrote to us later. In times of turbulence, bewilderment and confusion, when the Apostles feel the absence of Jesus, we are called to trust in us: “Here I am to do your will”, and we are called not to remain ruminating the desolation, not to fall into doubt, fear and mistrust, we are called to move from a Church of the dejected, desolate, to a Church that serves so many victims who live alongside us.

I thank so many priests, deacons, religious and religious who live their consecration and carry out their missions with generosity and sacrifice, with serenity and joy, with loyalty and respect for their brothers and sisters. I thank so many married couples and families who live by sustaining their love and fidelity in the strength of Jesus. Our families are a treasure that God commissions us to care for and vitalize. I thank all Christians who, living their baptismal commitments, are witnesses in their work environments of the risen Jesus Christ and individually called, but also to be part of a larger group: The Church.


I know that together we will take care of those who suffer, in prisons and hospitals, of those who are unemployed or in unpaid work. For the emigrants, students, for whom they are not given a formation and value education, human and Christian.

In a special way, we will serve and serve those who suffer the abuse of their dignity as a result of abuses and crimes absolutely unjustifiable and absolutely intolerable by clerics. Makeup touches are not enough, we need reforms and profound changes, changes that start from the heart of each one of us that has to seek the truth and justice to be more and more merciful every day. The care and respect we give each other will make us flourish and bear fruit. Abuse and abuse always injure, diminish vitality and prevent people from flourishing and bearing fruit as Jesus wants. My Father receives glory when you bear abundant fruit, I have come that you may have life and life in abundance.

May Jesus Christ grant us the ability to discern, the Promised Land is before and not behind, a promise of yesterday, but for tomorrow. To move forward we ask God to give us the courage to call things by his name, the courage to ask for forgiveness and the ability to learn to listen to what he is telling us. May he grant us the wisdom not to take those who oppose us as enemies, but to accept with serenity the criticisms and contradictions. The Apostle reminded us that many were the elect, but not all were faithful, some sinned and we have identified ourselves with the sinner who recognizes the mercy of God in the history of the People of God and in his personal history. The Lord is merciful and compassionate, who keeps us as apostles; We were treated with mercy, hence the invitation not to hide our own wounds, unless they are self-referential, or judge us superior. The Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary will help us to find in our wounds, in our wounds the signs of the resurrection of Christ.

In the end, Jesus’ question is clear. Do you love me? And it is now and now that each one of us must respond not only with our words, but with our works. Do not expect an ideal world, an ideal community, an ideal disciple, an ideal pastor to live or to evangelize. Jesus Christ can always renew our life and our community, we ask him to have mercy on us, to put merciful people at our side, to make us merciful people who bear fruit and works of mercy, imitating Saint Francis of Assisi , we will repeat the prayer again and again:


“Oh Lord make me an instrument of your peace

Where there is hatred that I carry love

Where there is an offense, let me bring forgiveness

Where there is discord, let me bring the union

Where there is doubt, let me carry the faith

Where there is error, that I carry the truth

Where there is despair, let me bring joy

Where there is darkness I carry the light

Oh master do that I do not seek so much to be consoled, but to console

Be understood, but understand

To be loved, how to love

Because it is giving that is received

Forgiving that you are forgiven

Dying that he is resurrected to eternal life. “