Our history began in 1918 in the Peruvian Amazon, next to the Madre de Dios River. The cry of the peoples did not leave our founder, Monsignor Ramon Zubieta indifferent. He was boldly missionary, was inserted in the heart of the forest, from there identified the urgent needs of the communities and the injustice suffered by the workers from those who exploited rubber.

Bishop Zubieta is confident in the transformative power of women when they are formed and their dignity raised. He was carried by this desire to travel to Spain and urged the Dominican Sisters in Huesca to accompany him on this mission. Mother Ascensión Nicol alongside other sisters responded to this call and became the first woman who ventured into the Peruvian jungle.  It is there where she discovered her new vocation – in contact with the women and the children, whom they educated and with whom they shared the tasks and challenges of everyday life.

As fruit of the Spirit, of the efforts and love experienced by our founders through the native peoples, in particular by women and the struggle for their dignity, the new congregation was born in 1918.

From the Madre de Dios River flowed the vibrancy of our charism to China, then later on, we went spreading over different latitudes, having only motive to share our lives with the impoverished and accompany them in the process of liberation.