Treasures are a quantity of precious valuable objects that one cherishes and holds dear. There are some with very high prices and significantly, some people are likened to priceless treasures. They are those who inspire and make us grow in life. Actually, we daily meet many people in our lives but there are few whose life gives impact to ours. When that happens, it will forever be cherished very dearly.

I had an opportunity to attend the general assembly in Madrid. I was very happy to meet many sisters from different places and nationalities, most especially I was inspired to meet elderly sisters in Madrid and Pamplona. They are inspirations to live a missionary life, giving their life till the end. They are energy givers to young sisters to carry on and continue the task/ mission.

Living in today’s world, in the society we move about, where people go for much changes and most people can’t commit their life to lasting relationship. But, here are living examples of people who are happy till there last breath serving and loving the Lord and others.

We may say they had lived in a different time and context than ours today. Some long years ago but, they too till this time, are still living in our world in the same society where we lived in.

From them, I learned that it is worthwhile living a life as a religious. A fulfilled life… giving freely your life for others and you will gain peace, harmony and happiness.

We can see in their faces that despite of pain and of their sickness, there you can still see the true happiness radiating in them. While waiting for their time to go back to the Father’s house we can still see the joyful disposition to live their life till the end.

One of the sisters told me “I am here to die” she said it with affirmation and with all the serenity.

I asked myself am I ready to die? Am I not afraid to die? Before I die, I am trying to live a life where I learned and experiences from my elderly sisters. They are my inspiration and they are priceless treasures.

* Fatima Pui
Timor Leste