“Educating women is to educate a people” Mons. Ramón Zubieta

The Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary Live 7 km from the village of Milange, surrounded by suburban and rural neighborhoods, mainly inhabited by migrants from Namarroi, Gurue, Mulumbo, Coromaa and inhabitants of the place. Forming the neighborhoods of: Caombe, Irrumba, onion and package.

There are three primary schools until the 5th class, in Caombe, Baita, Irrumba, a basic agrarian school with the foresight to be middle school, in which you enter with 10th class. To make sixth and seventh class children walk to the neighborhoods of the village “April 7th” or the “February 3”. Eighth, ninth and tenth, eleventh, tenth second class, walk to the center of the village 7 km away.

 Approximately 90% of children in these neighborhoods who go to school are considered illiterate, even if they have fifth, sixth or seventh class they cannot read or write, and if some manage to read they do not perceive what they read. As a result they fail to advance in high school and higher classes, being illiterate and excluded.

Among the causes that cause this situation is extreme poverty and the struggle for survival and school education to be in the national language, Portuguese, when the common and most spoken language is the Chichewa language.

Some parents don’t value studies. When children do not want to go to school, parents do not care, the child stays home without demands, then, they look for movie places in the neighborhoods and thus more easily leave the school. When the girl is 11 to 13 years old, some parents are worried that she will leave the house and have a man to keep her and be able to eat, so pregnancy and premature weddings are frequent. There are few children in these neighborhoods who manage to overcome these barriers.

In this situation we ask ourselves community as we could do to stimulate the children in the taste for the study, get to read and perceive what he reads and support the girl, especially the one who does not go to school or already abandoned. In this year we made 2 groups of school support to the children in the neighborhood Caombe, and we continue with the responsibility of library “to build the knowledge” in the villa.


1. Literacy

We work on the literacy of children and adolescents who have never been to school or who have declined in the first classes. They meet every day in the evenings from Monday to Friday in the “Bambo Ramón” center of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of Caombe, with support from a monitor. We have a group of 8 to 12 children and teenagers permanently during the year. He started a larger group and during the year desisted, some teenagers, especially girls because they do small businesses or have already found “husband.”

In addition to the daily meetings, a sister makes weekly meetings on Fridays to encourage learning with small questions. This group also participated in the Children’s Day party.


2. Children with low school performance

We support the children of our neighborhood, with low school performance, from second to seventh class, on Saturdays in the afternoon, and a group on Wednesdays in the afternoon, with the support of some young people and the sisters.

In the first months of the year, we made meetings of training and preparation of some young people who will work with children and adolescents. We get some recycling materials, and with them we prepare the didactic material mainly for the children with the most difficulty. For that we had support from a young volunteer who was trained as a monitor with the Dominican Sisters of the teaching of Vilanculos in previous years, who shares with us his experience.

Other activities

Every Saturday after the meeting we do the recreational part, with songs, dances and games to encourage the children not to desist from the meetings.

In the month of June, we celebrate the day of the child, with games, competitions of Portuguese, songs, dances and we end the day with a delicious lunch.


Library “Building Knowledge”

During this year we continue to accompany the library “build or know” in the village, where the students of the secondary schools, pre-university and students who will carry out examinations of admission for different courses and professions, putting to their Availability of library books and a responsible person to cater to young people.

We wholeheartedly thank God, the sisters, the families, friends and benefactors who have put their grain of sand to realize this experience, which aroused in the children and adolescents the taste for the study and has helped the girls to regain their self-esteem and All of them are gradually becoming builders of a future and a society in a positive way.

“What you did with my younger siblings with me you did” (Mt 25)

Centro “Bambo Ramón
” Milange-Mozambique