On July 13, 2019 Order of Preachers welcomed our new Master of the Order in the person of Fr. Gerard Francisco P. Timoner III, O.P.  He said, in his first preaching “recognizing the challenges of modern times, Church needs a Francis and Dominic” and that is the new perspective he is giving to us Dominicans to respond to these challenges in the Dominican way which is preaching.  St. Dominic said and which is firmly quoted by Master Gerard.  “It is not what we do, it is who we are.  We are preachers even if we don’t preach verbally but we live preaching in our life that is our identity.”  Which is what we need to revitalize and this will come true when we really live our vocation.

Vocation is a breathing of the Holy Spirit, who genuinely shapes our fragile human reality, and shines a new light into our hearts.  God’s work and His Mission continues in its own ways and we become only the channels to carry on with the promptings of His Divine Spirit.  Our conviction to follow Jesus has motivated us to go for vocation promotion in the unknown villages of Gujarat for the first time.

We were welcomed by the families.  We came across very simple and hospitable people.   Dominican sisters were strangers to them and in spite of that they were very kind to us.  Our purpose was to visit the families specially the girls who are interested in joining the religious life and who need motivation and guidance to choose and make right decisions for their lives.

God has gifted us with life and each of us makes our own choices.  We went around meeting the girls making them aware about our Congregation especially about our Charism and Mission.  What we came across was that some of the girls are ready and willing but there are hesitations from parents. The girls are wanting to make choice for their life but not able to.  And some places parents are willing but the girls are hesitant.  What we decided was to continue to visit them and help them to realize for themselves the call of God.  We are in contact with these girls whom we visited and we hope that our visits may bear fruits.

In this entire process of vocation promotion and the follow-up, there is the constant demand to follow Jesus in the Dominican way i.e. becoming one with the people, in simplicity, openness, humility with firmness and compassion.  Indeed the world is quite attractive with a variety of gadgets and the new competitive openings for youth but still there is a quest for unity, simplicity compassion to this fragmented world and that is what our new Master General is inviting us to Be United Living as Joyful Preachers.

Wishing you all a Very Happy Feast.

Sr. Clera Macwan op.
Baroda Community,
Gujarat, India.