Sharing the experience of our first year of Postulancy

"Try to shape your will with God and do everything for Love" Mons. Ramón Zubieta

When we looked after we felt a lot of difficulty in synthesizing what was most important in our walk in the first year of Postulancy. This phrase from our founding Father nourished and helped us a great deal, especially at times when it was not so clear to us to adjust our will with God's will.

What made us grow more during this first year of postulancy?

First the fostering of the sisters when we arrived to the community, their joy, the songs with the "Batuque", with the "Chiquitse", with the "Tungululus". Also the fostering of the Sisters of the Community of S. Tomás in Maputo. From the first moment we felt we had come home.

It also helped us the week of integration with the sharing of each of the sisters of their vocation and missionary life. This taught us to speak without fear of how our own vocation arose and of the motivations that led us to want to be Dominican missionaries. This marked us not only at that time when we we began our way, but also throughout the year, we feel that is so we grow and also increases our desire to belong to this family.

Another of the highlights as important was the preparation retreat for the entry into the Postulancy, as well as the celebration itself with the symbols of the "Peneira" (typical sieve used in Africa) and the "copulata" (traditional cloth used by African women). The first symbol to learn how to sift, to choose the true grain of the grain that left us empty and did not bear fruit.  And the copulation so that we do not we lost our identity of African women and the proximity with the simple people of our people.

We were very pleased to participate in the inter-congregational classes at the ISMMA (Higher Institute Mother of Africa) with applicants from other congregations not only for the contents of various subjects, but also for the coexistence with other companions who They were doing the same experience as us. It also helped us to share among all the identity of our congregation and its founders because this contributed to deepen what is specific to us and what we want to be continual.

About the classes we had in the community, we find it difficult what we had more, because each sister gave us the best of herself, not only in knowledge but transmitiéndolos her own experience of life. But there was one that challenged us a lot, it was the "itinerary of inner life" because it made us aware of the lack of inner silence and the difficulty of getting, we carry it as a task for the second year and perhaps for a lifetime.

We felt that another aspect that helped us grow was the personal accompaniment because it led us to know and accept ourselves as we are. However, we also emphasize as important the accompaniment of the whole community and even the community of Maputo. What remains in us is that all the sisters want to see us walk well.

Finally we refer to the environment of the community, the way of life of the sisters, especially that our porta is always open to those who most need. We feel that this strengthens the desire we brought from wanting to be Dominican missionaries of the Rosary to the service of the poorest.

However not everything was pink, sisters, we also found many days with "thorns" and even felt the temptation to return for after, but with the challenge of the fidelity and courage of our founding fathers and the support of the community, we are happy to have Overcome this temptation.

And as the symbols speak, we say at the end that we started the second year of Postulancy on February 24 with the symbol of bamboo, which meant for us to take another leap along the way. And once again we feel encouraged and challenged by our founders: "Be strong and steady. When you feel weak, turn to God that you will never miss "(Ramón Zubieta)

Thank you very much sisters for your help close and far, because we always feel accompanied.

The applicants Antonia, Tarcila and Teresa community of S. Domingos, Mahotas, Moçambique