There are opportunities in life that allow us to live the experience of working in community and delivering our grain of sand.

As a participant in this mission Ayquina-Turi 2018, I felt the joy of being part of this beautiful work and put myself at the service of those who need our help. Voluntarily I joined ready to work on what was and I excited to know that we were going to deliver our contribution in work related to the land, the hard work that is done in cattle, harvesting and planting, which is the activity that daily people do Q EU went to visit. To live in our own flesh the effort, the simplicity and the beauty that is to be in contact with the Earth, to evaluate the meetings and to coexist with the community.

With this experience I felt the closeness with Christ, seeing the happiness of adults and children sharing each of their personal stories and being part of their lives even for a short period of time. Visit them, give them a pleasant moment, take them out of the routine with the activities that took place in a coexistence where we all get involved in heart.

I only have to thank this opportunity provided by the pastoral establishment and spiritual enrichment.

Daniela Recabarren Espinoza.
Physical education teacher.
Colegio Educational Foundation Our Lady of Ayquina.


Misiones ‘ experience in Ayquina-Turi

You do good as you love

At present people focus on material objects, without thinking about the needs of the heart. What society needs is to give love and joy to all the human beings around us, to deliver happiness without expecting anything in return, to give a hug and give a smile to the most deprived, those are the true values and that enriches the soul. Because that Jesus teaches us through his actions and words, to be missionaries in the day to day, to deliver good learning through new teachings.

The experience of spending three days in Ayquina disconnected from the urban areas was wonderful, because through the essentials of life, nature, older adults and children, I was able to get closer to Christ in the advent season. To share their needs and concerns, to know that they want to be in the future, to live the hope that cultural traditions will be maintained in the village of Ayquina and Turi was really beautiful. To know that there are still people nourished in a natural and organic way and that they nourish themselves with the faith and the religiosity is incredible.

The first day we arrived we started to work immediately students, professors, pastoral, catechists, General center of parents with the same purpose, to provide a grain of sand to these beautiful and arid towns of northern Chile. Working as a team with the students was very gratifying, because each one had a responsibility in the community. The work was arduous every day, tired, thirsty, however, always bearing in mind that Christ did the same without complaining, and giving love and joy to all those around. We finished the day exhausted, but in the same way the reflection of the day was made at the end of the work.

The second day was splendid, because we were able to share with the wonderful people of Ayquina, so many children and older adults, to know that they have dreams that can be realized: Don Alberto mentions: “I would like the people of Ayquina to be more than a Religious sanctuary and be a community of Atacama tradition “because that can be fulfilled through the traditions, and also through the storytelling that made the storytellers of Calama. Because they relate myths of the peoples of the interior and they used figures, as traditional as the Condor, the Fox, among others, that are typical animals of the North zone. At the end of the day in the church next to the figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe de Ayquina, I got excited because she represents the figure of the protective mother who takes care of me every day. Because my mother is in my homeland and when I miss her I always look at the Virgin image of Ayquina

The third day, was special because we sheared sheep and allowed me to remember the south of Chile, the city in which I live, because when I was little my maternal aunt taught me to weave loom. It was amazing the teaching of that day, because while shearing thought that the sheep were quiet at the time of removing the wool, and reflected that so we should be human beings at the time of hearing the word of God, and the teachings that left us to Through the Bible. Finally, I only have to thank Jesus and the Virgin for the experience  

Valeria Torres Ort
iz Profess
or College Educational Foundation Our Lady of Ayquina.


Testimony CONTINENTAL Meeting of young MDR-SANTIAGO

Continental meeting Santiago 2018, how I would describe my experience with some amazing words, extraordinary, unimaginable and endless words that can say how marveled I was in Santiago, I never thought of living something like that and the incredible pass, to Although I had already gone to Santiago, I met other places that left me amazed. I think one of the things I never thought to do was climb San Cristóbal Hill; If I came exhausted to the chapel, but seeing the image of the Virgin rewarded hunger and fatigue. I never thought of making friends as strong as with the people of my community, we were all from different places and we knew how to get along very well, the people of Peru were the most friendly, friendly and sociable certainly were a 7. Besides, I didn’t think I’d meet people from my school with whom I would make a beautiful friendship.

Thanks, I can only thank the experience, the people I was with, those I met, those who form an incredible friendship; Just to thank for cheering me the 6 days I was there, the sisters who accompanied us in the process, the aunts of the kitchen that we were happy in the morning, evening and evening with a lovely smile and a “good morning, you want”, the people of the chorus; They had not been together for a short time but they made us enjoy, sing, shout and dance animatedly each song, which did not escape any detail, the blankets and sleeping mats, the stove that shelters us in the cold nights of Santiago and the animated nights with the prayers And songs that cheered us up. Just thank for every experience and stories told and lived by each person who visited us, all of them thank the experiences they gave us and the desire to contribute more in the church and help others. No doubt I have much more to say and many more people to thank, no doubt what I experienced was incredible, as one of my teachers said “you have to live it” and wow it was amazing to live it.

Milen Tap
ia 3 ° Middle School
student Educational Foundation Our Lady of Ayquina