catechists school ASCENSION NICOL – SANTIAGO of CHILE am Eliana Valladares, 11 years ago was lucky to be chosen by God to be a Catechist, service that I do with pleasure and joy because thus refers to the Lord. 5 years accompanies me Ramon in this service. Since each person we learn something we have grown as marriage. In our personal lives, we have a 25 year old daughter, which supports us in everything.

We try to be good people and our challenge is to be the next day, better. We are never alone, always the Lord accompanies us and despite difficulties, our faith never will decay… someday want to be like Pedro = their faith was infinite. Catechesis is our time and food to grow as people.

Ramon – Eliana.



catechists of the school ASCENSION NICOL – SANTIAGO DE CHILE

my name is Juan Esteban Espinoza Soto, 41 years old, married with Verónica Acevedo 19 years ago.

We have 3 children, 19 years, 15 Millaray and Sebastian 11 Camila.   My initiation as a catechist and the pastoral work began 20 years ago, when young people preparing for the sacrament of confirmation in the Carmelite Chapel of the parish Jesus de Nazareth, previous to that I also had groups of teenagers.   5 years ago, Veronica and I received the invitation on the part of the Hna.

Aeneid to integrate ourselves into the catechesis of school Ascension Nicol team… the truth is that the invitation it had enough time before, which we had delayed by several factors: fear to take responsibility as well, lack of time, the fear to work with adults as in my case always did with children and young people and also worried about us than our children especially Millaray and Sebastian, were still very young and we didn’t want to worry them. But we talked so well and decided to take on the challenge.

In my case, it was a very enriching experience. The mere fact of having to lay out the issues at home along with Veronica has served us as a couple, marriage and parenting. Living encounters week to week with moms, dads, aunts and Grandmothers of children has made me grow as a person, the soak me your experiences and I share the mine makes me being in communion with them and with the Lord. I’ve always said parents with whom I have had to work that I am not Professor, I’m not an expert on the subject, that we are here to share our experiences under the gaze of Lord and that my mission is to try to guide them along that path. In 5 years I have discovered that working with adults was not as bad as I thought, also that with the most practically have the same age.

Each weekly meeting is a challenge that is new to me, even though one of the main objectives is to see and work the theme proposed by the book, my big goal is to know and discover the Lord in their lives, who are able to see it in others and above all who are aware that they are not only witnesses of the preparation to the sacrament of their daughters , but those responsible for education in the faith.

I am happy to work as a Catechist in the College and hope to continue for a long time more my bit in this service.

Juan Esteban


my name is Veronica, I am 38 years old, happily married for 19 years, 3 children, which are my life.

I’ve been as a Catechist in the school Ascension Nicol 5 years. Currently with the third group of the school.

For me, be a Catechist has been a very enriching experience in every sense. I admit that with my spouse cost us much accept the invitation which was to belong to the team of family CATECHESIS. No doubt that having accepted was the best decision and greatest blessing. Be catechists has helped us as a family, marriage and as a person. Each group, each person who shares every week his life, at first still a stranger to them, has helped me to see life in a different way, to be more grateful for what I have and what not, also.

If in doubt, sometimes it is a difficult road, but with the help of God who is with me every day, becomes lighter the load. He is who puts words and gestures precise at all times. I trust in God that I will continue for many years most contributing to the school with a grain of sand so that more people know the beautiful thing is to feel day to day our Lord in our lives. I appreciate the confidence of the sisters missionary Dominican Rosary which have thought of me for this beautiful work. Simply I am very blessed and extremely wealthy.




catechists of the school ASCENSION NICOL – SANTIAGO of CHILE

Hello, my name is Rosa Gutiérrez, but everyone says I “Rosita”, I am married to a very good man and I have 3 children.

10 years ago I am a catechist and is the most beautiful thing that could happen, I feel blessed to be chosen by God to do this service of love.

I have met many people with different realities and life style, coexistence very hard and sad.

But the beautiful thing is see the change of attitude to spending two years in which you learn to know and love the Lord. In my personal life I try to be consistent in being and do as a way of life. This is my testimony.

Rosa Gutiérrez


– Catechist testimony of LINA sources catechists of the school ASCENSION NICOL – SANTIAGO of CHILE

I am a 47-year-old woman. From a young age I participated in the Catholic Church doing pre-juvenil, student support, library, among other support.

Then I got married, I had a beautiful daughter and I walked away a little from the Church to me, but I always believed in God and his infinite love.

Until one day the Hna. Angelina invited me to be a Catechist for fathers, to which I agreed. At the beginning it was a little difficult because I wanted to give my best and I did not know how parents would react, over time I realized that the most beautiful thing is to share life experiences with people who perhaps fate never would have put us on our way. I think that it is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences I have lived.

While it is true that my essence has not changed with the fact Guide to parents seeking to instill faith in their daughters, but in every meeting of catechesis, managed to fill my heart with our conversations, laughter and sometimes tears. It has made me grow as a person, to be more tolerant of other people, know that everything in life has a solution and we drown us many times in a glass of tears, learn to listen and respect to other people, that we are all equal and deserve the best.

This is what in summary accounts would draw great satisfaction to share with every one of them and that God I put on this beautiful way of be a Catechist.

I hope to continue to do so for long time and be able to deliver and contribute a bit in each group.

The Catechist Lina Fuentes says goodbye.


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