I thank you for this opportunity that compels me to define what I am thinking, seeking and praying about the consecrated Life (VC), all the more so that my community is, at this moment, to ‘ pack up ‘, to move the house.

We live in the 6th of May, which is in an advanced demolition process, and so, as with the whole population, we have to go out and get a new address. The fact that my congregation celebrates, precisely this year, its centenary of foundation and also the realization of the next Synod of young people, necessarily leads me to reflect on the significance of the VC today.

In the Gospel of two Sundays ago, we heard the question that Jesus asks the two disciples of John, who followed him: What are you looking for? It is, without a doubt, a question that Jesus does at all times, to any person or group. Will you not do it, too, in a very explicit and precise way to you today? To the Disciples ‘ response, Jesus says: Come and see, that is, invite them to “go and be” in your home. I love to try to guess, feel and live what would have happened that day in the “House of Jesus”. I have no doubt that you today have absolute need to go also to the “House of Jesus” and then stay with him long hours and there go back and return, over and over again. I think it’s an emergency for you today. As the encounter with him, always turns our heart into an attentive heart that sees, that hears the sufferings and cries – how creepy, some! -The brothers, especially of the excluded and obliges us to concrete, courageous gestures, as he reminds us and teaches Pope Francis, both with his words and with his examples… to you will live like this, this other urgency of our days, urgency that always should Fuss.

I also think that today you have a great mission to play in your own bosom. Examples: We need to express clearly, in words, but especially with life, that God is to be trusted and since his love is eternal, our perpetual consecration expresses our absolute confidence n ´ him. In times when the provisional commands, this is a well-needed message, without belittling, of course, those who devote some time of their life to the mission. That’s a lot of value, but it’s something else; We have to recognize that living this time of vocations crisis is very difficult, but we believe, or not, that it is he who leads us and that we are consecrated by and for him and for nothing else, or anyone else; It is necessary to know how to accept death, as a germ of resurrection, of a new life; It is necessary to know how to give life, sense, joy, hope to so many of us, that we seem empty, sad, failed, or centered in other interests, giving the feeling that we only hope that time passes and everything ends; How do we be people of prayer, people who meet with Jesus Christ and who, like him, love our world and the people of today?. How beautiful is the testimony given by a happy, accomplished, fruitful consecration, even though the age is already much!…; We have to know how to take good care of our old brothers and sisters-and I think we do it-not only for their well-being, or for the respect they deserve, but as a witness in a society that devalues old people, and so many of them suffer ill treatment , abandonment, loneliness; Our time is the time of the consecrated to ask God without ceasing: What paths do you have for consecrated life? And then have the heart, the eyes, the ears and all of our being in search of the signs that he can give us as an answer. As he often speaks without shrillness, one has to know how to dialogue with each other, so that we can discern what we seem to be hearing, seeing…

If the current reality of our world and people have changed so much and in such a short time, no doubt you have a huge task in discerning the priority.

I cannot help but say that given my experience in neighborhood 6 May, I feel that an abandoned area is the endless world of drug trafficking and consumption, with a thousand associated woes and which has many, many, thousands of people and families as victims.

By moving to the new house, which is going to be a tiny little house, in the midst of many buildings, in a suburb of the Damar de lower, far from any church, I liked, among other possible missionary activities, that our small community could be a focus Discreet, attractive, humble, sympathetic, who was “conquering” the neighbors, many of them will never go to church until they awaken in them the desire of God.

New sale, January 25th, 2018 go. Deolinda Rodrigues Dominican Missionary of the Rosary