From 27 February to 4 March, the parishes of the municipalities of Vila Real de Santo António, Castro Marim, Monte Gordo, height, Vila Nova de Azinhal, and Odeleite, were the home of 13 missionaries. ANIMAG (Animators of missionary Institutes Ad Gentes), their testimony, prayer and word, helped the populations to deepen and awaken to the faith, a greater commitment to evangelization and spiritual experience.

We felt the touch of God in the one who waited and the one who went to the meeting. Experience of hope, giving and receiving. And the flame of our faith, so often faltering, was becoming more and more alive because given and carried by the wind of the spirit that brought us together, and always makes us brothers and family. God has made himself so close that we share stories of life, of suffering, of hardship, of tears, of joy, but above all of hope and faith.

The time of God that we lived during this week led us to meet, and to be found, by the elderly of the homes, by the parents, godparents who were set for the sacrament of baptism, of couples who wanted to commit themselves to live their love in God , the charismatic renovation group, the Christian reflection group meditating on the joy of love and the god of joy, the children of catechesis with great willingness to know Jesus Christ, pointing out ways of giving. Possibility to visit the schools (1st and 2nd cycle, until 9th year), for all the hugs and meetings, for the privilege of walking in these parishes, we give thanks to the Lord.

These days were a blessing for all, in sharing who joins in the love of God and continues the mission of Jesus to do good and bring love to everyone.

Many of the parishioners walked with us these days of door-to-door visits, meetings, celebrations, and we took the testimony of delivery and trust in Jesus Christ.

The aim of this missionary week was to awaken to the faith. It is a great gift and a great grace for the missionary team to be able to work in these parishes over a week. It was a new Pentecost that happened.

With us were the four Devonianos missionaries, where they shared with us their mission with the populations and their joy.

This wonderful time that the Lord has offered us, precisely from people in love with Christ, who let himself be found by him, of Christians who cease to look inward and begin to look at his brother on the side, with courage and audacity, in the announcement of good news.

To all who accompanied us with their prayer and worked for this week to happen, a well. They were with us on the mission, too.

In Union of prayers our thank you very much.

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