Very dear Sisters

I begin my sharing by singing the song “God has given me sisters, a gift for my weakness, because the Kingdom is not lived alone, it is built in community …” Because they express what I have been experiencing during the few years, only 23,  of the 100 that we celebrate.

They asked me a question: What does the celebration of the Centennial of our Congregation of the Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary mean to you?

It means for me, in the first place, what I sang initially, because thanks to the life shared in community, I have felt a great help to grow in many aspects and sometimes, with ambiguities, mistakes, confrontations and inner struggle to die to my “self” and to accept with serenity the difference.

Community living is a constant call to live the integration of my being, where I can harmonize – different sounds, different aspects, different factors, because uniting everything, even listening to out of tune sounds, conflicts, suffering, difficult situations along the way, even in this, we can live in harmony, we are called to build the Kingdom with tenderness, compassion, understanding, courage and perseverance. This desire I carry and we carry within each one of us, although sometimes it may prick us to concretize it.

Secondly, I would like to use the words of Pope Francis, addressed to those consecrated in the Year of Consecrated Life, “Look at the past with gratitude, live the present with passion and embrace the future with hope”

Look at the past with gratitude. To thank the Congregation for the many opportunities it offered me, I received so much that sometimes it seems to me that I do not deserve it. They were opportunities that generally strengthened my identity and the sense of belonging to the Congregation. Every day, every year, every time I see our Congregation as a hidden treasure, inexhaustible, that offers us new things. Looking at the life of our Founders: Mother Ascension Nicol and Msgr Ramon Zubieta, our martyrs of Congo and the lives of so many sisters who left their footprints as faithful followers of Jesus’ project; a glance at our roots is always a reason to look at the present with passion.

There is no reason to regret limitations, but to exploit them as opportunities for growth, as Carlos Cabarrús says:

“The search and the encounter of the well and the spring are a” via vitae “- way to life – (opposed to the” stations of the Cross “), as a way to resurrection, thus completing – with the search and encounter of the wounded (caused throughout our personal and community history), the death that leads to life. “

I thank the Vicariate of Mozambique, our Sisters of the Provincial Council and the General Council who in 2015 offered me a very special and unforgettable opportunity, a time of renewal, Sabbatical Year, in Guatemala, where I spent 4 months at the Centro American Spirituality Institute of the Jesuits and other five months so rich, that I shared with our sisters of the Province of San José, Guatemala, who made me return to the sources of my vocation with more enthusiasm, to be gripped by Jesus and to commit once again for the cause of the Kingdom of God.

This time of Jubilee is a time of grace, time to stop and reflect to think about how we are committed to the new Maldonados. And the reflection can not serve as a sadness for the limitations but must push us with more enthusiasm and courage to carry our pitcher of water and walk to meet the new Maldonados.

My fraternal embrace goes to all the Sisters of the Congregation. I wish for each and every one, that the opening of the jubilee, be a time of happiness, and be full of gladness and joy.


Blandina Tamelia



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