Very dear sisters and friends

Since this little corner of East Timor, Salau-Soibada, I want to wish each of you the best, and morale in the mission and the place where you play live

For my part, I’m well, thanks to our Good God. It’s a while since I’ve been on this mission of Salau, where I have learned a lot; with the, Sisters, children and ordinary people that surround us. The mission is like a school; each day has some liҫāo to learn and practice. Is a special moment of life not to waste. With this experience I feel that the US mission renews and makes us strong and courageous women. In the mission every moment lived; the events have challenges to your sense of purpose and conveys something in life. The circumstances of life give us a capacity for creativity “do practices of new realities”; I mean in trying to give an answer to some challenging situation using creativity that God inspires us.

Is stress, which, as they say the sages, the mission should not be understood as a synonym of a geographical space. The mission can be carried out where we are and what we do; so that the mission can be where you need us. It all has to do with our mood, the open spirit, and reading what we do in our lives.

In this life of mission delivery and roaming, I feel I’m not alone, despite the limitations and fears, which can feel God is beside me, our Founders with me and your examples strengthen me. The sisters, friends, benefactors, with your spiritual and material aid, animate and encourage moving on. Thank you to all for coming friend and comforter.

Looking for God has been, a daily and constant work. Because only he, God, has been the stake that sustains and feeds my be …

In this year of grace, the documents of our Congregation, for study and reflection, reaching us, although with a slight delay, due to our poor communication, has been an opportunity to read, reflect and feed us the “primacy” of the Mission experienced by our founders. My address Thank you and congratulations to the sisters, by the depth and dedication in the development of the themes. “How nice” to drink from the same well “, feed us and make memory of our past!

For me, the Mission has been time to work, to enjoy with the new, living, sharing, experience of interculturality with the sisters and children who are in our boarding school. And our varied activities of each day has been moments of sharing each other knowledge and help us to grow and develop their talents.

Finally, I thank all who have accompanied us in various ways, and encourage us to continue this mission, distant and isolated. Rainy area and difficult to access.

Thank you to each of you from the bottom of my heart and I’m counting on you. A big hug.

Sister Maria Angelica Amaral