Communiqués of the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique: CEM

"We are concerned about the growing deterioration of ethical and social values in the country. Visible in the hidden debts that incomprehensibly remain unresolved and without responsibility to anyone, in the frequent abductions that sow fear and insurance, in the widespread violence, in the manifestations of intolerance, in the degradation of the quality of Life, in the increase of the moat among the few that stop the wealth and the power and the people every day more impoverished, it is paradoxical that on the one hand, the population grows and, on the other, it lowers the production and degradation of the sanitary conditions, in order , in the lack of coherence between what is said and what is done. Unfortunately, it is becoming a way of being in Mozambique to promise one thing and make another or omit and privatize information to which everyone has the right to access. "

(Letter from the bishops of Mozambique. April 19, 2018)


Meeting with the President of the Republic

"Apart from the fourth edition of the Christmas Concert organized by the Apostolic Nunciature, His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Felipe Jacinto Nyusi, had a moment of encounter with us, the bishops.

He shared the situation of the country, the peace process, his recent visit to the Holy See and the audience with Pope Francis.

In our message we congratulate you on the invitation you directed to Pope Francis to visit our country, a treat that had already been addressed to the Pope by the CEM in 2016, and by the noble steps he has given for peace.

We also express our concern about the troubling events that have taken hold in the recent elections and that they can create obstacles to the peace process and the path of reconciliation. We also emphasize that "peace-as the Second Vatican Council recalls-is not the absence of war; Nor is it reduced to the establishment of equilibrium between adverse forces, nor does it result from despotic domination. With all accuracy and propriety it is called "work of Justice" (GS 78).

We reiterate the importance of sincere dialogue and transparency, for only in this way can we find the best ways to overcome divergences, increase mutual trust and ensure reconciliation, basis and condition for the construction of a Integrated, stable and pluralistic society, capable of securing a future of prosperity for all "

(Letter from the bishops of Mozambique. 12. 11.2018)