I have lived in Guayaquil, Ecuador, an unforgettable experience.

I went to that city to receive my brother that I visited before I went to visit a young woman, I think that he was 15 years old when I arrived from Spain to Ecuador. Long time that I didn’t see it and now I looked for it, because he knew that you working with a group of people at a foundation she headed. This young woman lived with the sisters in our community of Guayaquil. It came from her village, Chillanes, stayed with the sisters, studied and received much they you could give and teach. 8 years community closed that and she was already not living there. I wanted to know what makes, since he retired from his job where replaced our sister Nati Echeverri in a dispensary. This girl, named Barbarita, directs and accompanies 35 girls and multiply with details of all kinds. Each one of these girls live a problem and family tragedy. Stories real and very painful, but real. What girls arrive? Girls abandoned their parents, with dead parents, or in prison, girls raped by relatives, step-parents or uncles…

From 4 to 15 years until completing the studies and work. What happens in this household? How do they live? How are they educated? It is what I see these days. First, I shudder to seeing that they are children of a few years; Some are sisters, one of three, some two, and there are also 5 sisters. They get up in the morning, early, make their trades of house cleaning, bathing, take breakfast and come to the school or schools, always accompanied by any charge, and if there who wear Barbarita. There is a single Lady with her children who live there; She is responsible for preparing meals. At one afternoon return girls, changed and they are going to eat, washing each dish and what you used to eat.

Clean the dining room and go to rest, then they bathe as classes become sudaditas and tired. We must help them combing and change of clothes. The clothes are removed enjabonan it rub and one washer clarifies and spin. Then, all go to do homework. Here is needed all possible assistance and everything is little. Every girl needs help and taking into account his problem, can be slower, it lacks concentration, interest, etc. For this, there is one special lady, a volunteer and a Haitian Professor, that is hosted there, I also I joined them, but no moves to help all those who need or ask for help and that you are not asked, but you know that they need it.

They are 3 hours of continuous work. Then go to pray the Rosary which involves mostly the elderly, who run it. Then they go to dinner. Pick up or wash clothes, changing will watch TV awhile and go to sleep. Actually days are stressful for only one person to be girls, their situations earring, earring of what to eat, how to get it, how to prepare it, that eat, helping any, be with them in cleaning, teaching them in their toilet, helping them to comb through small, and being at the same time attentive to people like the social Assistant, volunteers , administration, groups coming to perform some activity with them, see who need and when psychosocial care, often arise unexpected needs and reactions of those who attend or find who do…

All delivery in body and soul. Body is tired and soul rarely enjoy, is so much suffering for every situation and every reaction often rebellious, yes the soul breaks down… I’m living this experience in my time on holiday in Spain. Yes, I did not know Barbarita and we found it with this task at hand, so that is the reason that I am here, as a support to a fruit which grew here in Guayaquil, this person who lived from girl and young man with our sisters and was something… something that is a lot, it that it could not commit to anything to help your sister to study, says now: “Solo I feel have not been Dominica missionary”. But his life, now, is the result of a learned choice, a testimony that was inside and now her life has done. Therefore I share my experience, to be something our what here is live and happens every day. Because we know that God becomes present in different ways. He chose her for this. How big is God and that he loves!

Elvira Fernández community of Quininde, Ecuador